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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Ojas Tejas Talk

Multiple Choice Quiz
Tejas is Ojas sitting or standing
Tejas- Ojas sitting cycle

Ask the same question when Tejas is angry.
Tejas, is Ojas sitting or sleeping
Tejas- Sitting (actually he was sleeping)
Ojas- Shut up
Tejas- You shut
Ojas- You shut up....
continues- no prizes for guessing where they picked that up from.
Tejas is talking on the phone. Ojas asks for the phone
Tejas- Ekdum Chup (need I translate this?)
Twin language
Ojas- Chuttu dekho Zot
Tejas- Dekhe, Zot, show me. Haaa Zot!
It took us a while to figure out that Zot is their word for truck (don't ask me the logic- beats me)
I was trying to wash their hands. There are 2 taps in the kitchen. I opened one tap.
Tejas- No, ye wallah gilu! ( he forgot the word for tap so he used his word "gilu" for wet)
Ojas- Mamma pajama
Me- this is pajama, now sleep.
Ojas- no this no pajama, this chaddi. (all alert even while sleeping)

Look who is teaching me recipe too
Mamma dekhe dosa (let me see the dosa -that you are making)
No, egg daalo

When the tables turned
Tejas- Mamma paani (water)
Mamma was busy cooking an she tried to take the bottle from Tejas to pour out the water for him.
Tejas- No pehle hand wash karo (1st wash your hands). Mamma hands Dorty (dirty)

The Dodge Specialist
Ojas is having a sharpener. Tejas wants it and Ojas is holding on to it tightly.
So Tejas gets up and switches on the A/C. Ojas gets busy with it and in the process drops the sharpener.
Tejas picks it up and sits on the bed eyeing Ojas.
Me- Tejas play with A/C
Tejas smiling impishly- Naaawww
Meanwhile I manage to convince Ojas to switch off the A/C
Tejas runs back and switches it on for Ojas to continue playing.
Ojas suddenly realizes that he has been fooled big time and cries for "cutter"
Dodge II
Whenever we play with their sticker book, I show 2 stickers and ask them to pull one of their choice.
This was one in which we had 3 types of biscuits - triangle, square & circle- each one in brown and a colourful patterned variant.
I askd Tejas to pull out a brown one. He says generously Ojas will do. Tejas takes the coloured one.
2nd Time I tell Tejas to take the brown one & Ojas coloured one and Tejas refused. Then I realized that he had selected all the coloured ones for himself.
By the 3rd sticker Ojas realized what was on Tejas' mind and asked for the coloured stickers.
Dodge III
I gave Ojas a shirt. Tejas wanted to change and said this one Gilu (wet).
I said no it is nice.
Tejas asks for water, deliberately spills on his shirt.
Lessons well learnt
Ojas & tejas get a biscuit each. Ojas finished first and asks for more.
Dadda says- give me kiss first. Ojas complies and is rewarded with a biscuit.
Tejas is lolling on the sofa and watching with half closd eyes. Finishes his biscuit. Walks up to Dadda- plants a kiss on his cheeks and says- Biscuit?
Me- wear your sandals, we will go for one round in the car.
Tejas- Nahin, pehle pajama pehno (no, 1st wear your salwar)

This is supposed to be a cake that is being cut (ball on a truck wheel with spoon as knife)

Edited to add- they say- "leave me" or "no fightie"-when we hold them for giving food.....

Someone was snatching Tejas' baloon. Ojas said- Adi karo (neat him)


Sue said...

Just one thought -- who's bringing whom up here???

bombaygirl said...

Tejas is definitely the one to watch when they are older. He'll be the one instigating trouble, and poor Ojas will be the one that gets the rap!

Hip Grandma said...

Enjoying motherhood aren't you.Happy mother's day!

The E HomeMaker said...

i love reading these conversations.cute!
btw, you are tagged! :-)

Itchingtowrite said...

sue- come to think of it, you hav a point there

bombay girl- arre don't take ojas for granted- he is the discoverer of antics actually

hip grandma- thanks!!

e homemaker- thanks . so sweet of u

Mama - Mia said...


Tejas really knows how to look out for himself!! hehe!!

ofcos am sure when there is some other kid involved Tejas will be the first one fighting for ojas too! :)

lovely post!


Daisy said...

very cuteee..Tejas seems to be very smart and Ojas is cho sweet..

chandni said...

My god...they r adorable :)

Itchingtowrite said...

mama mia- oh yes they do stand up for each other.
the othr day someone was snatching Tejas' balloon- Ojas said to Tejas - adi karo.
daisy/ chandni- thanks

Swati said...

It was good fun reading this one kids ..I wonder how you manage 2 at a time :)