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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Winter in Chennai

Finally a winter worth it's salt. I love Chennai winters. They are so comfortably cool without restricting you in anyway. And since I look horribly fat in sweaters, I would rather not wear them.
But this December, the combined effects of the assorted depressions and the late NE monsoon caused a general nip in the air. Not upto North India standards buit definitely good enough to warant wearing of woolies by the kids playing outside and jackets and the lovely rajasthani bundis I got them last year.
I also took my shawl to work on 2 days, even though I just decorated the chair back with it. But it was a nice feeling, just carrying the shawl!
Here are the kids in their winter best in Chennai- jackets, hooded T shirts and shoes and socks


Minka said...

Chennai winters are nice ! But I am living my childhood memories (partly ) in the Kolkata winter and enjoying it thoroughly - mooli parathas, methi/palak/sarson, gajar , not to mention curled up in the rajai and dhoop-sekoing ;-)

Mystica said...

I cant even imagine woolies and Chennai in one sentence. I live in Sri Lanka and have visited Chennai frequently - I think I should do so now in December to experience this!

Itchingtowrite said...

yumm minka
the veggies r the best part in any winter
u must come surely