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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Our Bodies - Taking Care of the Private Parts

It should be the easiest thing in the world to talk to our children. About various things under the sun. Perhaps as parents, we are able to satisfactorily answer most of the questions that he children throw our way. But the most crucial and the most important aspect that a parent must cover for the children are the basics of our bodies. And parents postpone is as much as possible. 

I have seen a lot of books on children's safety and how to behave in dangerous situations but I was yet to see a compete, well illustrated book on good touch and bad touch, explaining how the bodies of girls and boys are different.

It is important to introduce children slowly and surely to the concept of safety and the basic differences between boys and girls.  And it is important for parents to be matter of fact and direct about the entire process and perhaps that requires a good deal of preparation on the part of the parent to be ready to impart sex education without feeling shifty or embarrassed about it.

Also it is important to not make a big deal about it and make it a topic which can be spoken in as generic manner as perhaps asking the children about how was their day.

Has anyone touched your bum or tried to kiss you on the lips?

What shuld you do if you do not like someone touching you? 

Whom should you tell? 

Simple and straightforward.

Shruti Singhal's book Our Bodies is a well illustrated book about teaching children about their private parts and the fundamental difference between a girl's body and a boy's. It goes on to talk about good touches and bad touches and how they make the children feel. Whether it makes them feel uncomfortable, dirty or happy and loved. 

It talks of saying Stop, No, I will tell the moment one feels uncomfortable. 

The narrative leads the readers to understand that while some aspects of the bodies are same, their are some parts are different and it is important to know why and what purpose they serve. 

I took the children through the book and I agree that some of the illustrations made me a shade bit uncomfortable and perhaps it could have been done in a better way.  It was perhaps a new thing for the children too and perhaps we did a little growing up together while going through he book because with the second and third reading, after the initial discomfort was taken care of, it became easier. For it was the first time I was using a book to take them through this. 

Title- Our Bodies Taking Care of The Private Parts
Author and Illustrator- Shruti Singhal
Age Group- 5 upwards
Publisher- XYZ Publications

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