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Wednesday, January 31, 2007


She walked in to the seminar hall along with her colleague at 11 am imagining it to be already underway and hoping that she would have missed the preliminary speeches/ lamp lighting etc. They slid into the last 2 seats in the last row- uncomfortable but close to the buffet table laid at the back. That was their aim anyway, attend for a few sessions, eat the biscuits and thereafter the lunch, hopefully non veg and walk away. And bonus- all at company time.

Unfortunately the chief guest was delayed. They sat leafing through the program schedule and the name A editor of magazine D popped up under one of the speakers.

With a mixture of anticipation and excitement she began to look around hoping to spot A. She decided to anyway attend her session which was scheduled for post lunch and try and meet up with A.

A had been the coordinator for F magazine’s soon to be coming Design & Décor Magazine. She had applied for the post of a free-lancer, sending out a colourful sef-introduction highlighting her interests in writing and having the “write but not right” qualifications to be a freelancer. The response was encouraging and positive and they corresponded on a regular basis, she responding to A’s requests for samples of her work as in-house magazine editor and her attempt at designing the interiors of her home. One fine day she received a mail from A which she had probably sent to all on her address book, that she was quitting her job and joining D magazine as editor. End of correspondence on the subject since they had nothing more to discuss.

She turned her attention to the row right in front- occupied by 3 women – a matured looking one in a sari, a girlish one and a lady in salwar suit who could pass on as anyone between late twenties and early thirties, and a bearded man. Still no sign of the chief guest. She began passing time trying to see each face and guess their occupation, punctuated by comments from her colleague, at the same time being on the look out for A who could walk in at anytime since she was one of the speakers. A little while later 2 girls came in carrying stacks of D magazines and placed it near the foursome sitting in the row in front.

Of all the luck! Which one could be A among them. Surely the sari one – she looks the part of the editor. The other 2 are too young. Or wait. A will not be ganging up, signaling thumbs up and making other girlish signs and giggling away with her deputies. She will come late. Probably she must still be in her flight.

The conference started and instead of paying attention at what was happening on stage she kept her ears strained to the group in the front, with the hope of catching something being said about A’s schedule. Lunch came and she rushed to be the first one in the queue. Plate in hand she sat closest to where the D group was hanging around, interacting with people, getting themselves introduced. Under her watchful eyes and keen ears, the bearded man introduced the late 20- 30 something lady to someone saying this is A, editor of magazine D. She followed A with her eyes all the while, who was busy circulating. She quickly grazed through dessert and started moving towards the D group mustering courage to walk up and say hi! I am R, who applied for a job in your magazine F. what if she doesn’t remember. Don’t be silly, it doesn’t hurt to remind her. She is so hip and I am so drab. Let her not attach a face to my name in her address book. Why not? Why this cold feet? She is not god. If she is an (hip) editor you are no less in your field. She might find your field really fascinating after all. Everyone finds it so. Ok here goes.
Her colleague called out- lets push off, anyway we have done lunch and there are no great speakers post lunchI agree. And she left the place walking up to her colleague’s car, occasionally looking back, like a child who has been denied a toy keeps looking back at the shop and strains at his parent’s hand, hoping to catch a glimpse of A and getting a chance to introduce herself.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Dream Girl

2 nights ago I dreamt that I am pregnant again. I remember being horrified- in my dream. My prime worry being that I had consumed a lot of papaya and pineapple since I was unaware of that fact and more important, I was due to join the gym starting Feb. All this meant I could not gym for another year at least and thereby postponement of weight loss and body toning- in the light of the discussion of the toned figures of Ash & Bips in Dhoom 2 (aside, to myself- High Hopes). I also found myself hoping for a baby girl this time around at least.

In spite of the horrors in my dream, the feeling next day was not entirely relief and concern had it truly been the case. In fact the feeling was quite a happy one. The kind you get after seeing a really nice holiday or a promotion or even a good fight in the dream. [This post here is written to record my feeling (incase I need it at a later date!)]
Did it mean that my body was giving me signals for doing it again? Did it mean that I am ready for a 2nd time, so soon? Inspite of all the labor (pun?) I am doing after my terrible 2 who are yet to reach the terrible two’s. Is it my unsatiated need and hope of a baby girl or the numerous mammas’/ going to be mammas’ blogs that I frequent or is it the sight of pregnant women around me which nudged the dream into my mindscape?

I discussed this with my fellow blogger yesterday and her question was “oh you seem to have a lot of time (for all that)”. Immaculate- I assured her…

I told hubby and he says what if it’s a boy again or what if they are twins again?

Anyway, whatever my dream may hint, I find myself not ready for it as yet, for all practical purpose unfortunately. As a fellow blogger aptly put in a few months ago (sorry, I do not remember who), I resign myself to the fact that I will never be the preferred caretaker over her mother by my pregnant daughter-in-law. In fact I even feel bad about not preferring my MIL’s food to my Mom’s during my pregnancy. I am not saying I did not like her food it was a matter of preference – all research folks out there will agree that there is a sea of difference between liking and preference. Though MIL was always more than ready to express deliver her Dosa Diner food as my Mom was her Dhaba Express food.
And to this I add that I will never get the joy of shopping together with my daughter for clothes, shoes and jewelry and get meaningful inputs from her. I will never get a chance to deck up my baby girl in frocks and ghaghra and funky jewelry. I will never be able to share womanly gossip and do bitching sessions with her. I resign myself to a lifetime of untold gossip and advice which a woman can pass on only to her daughter. And as I grow older, I will miss picking up the phone and having a tête-à-tête with my daughter as and when I wish, like my Mom does with us sisters. I resign myself to a lifetime of boring sports shops, and dry boy’s section of stores. I will have to wait a good number of years to do it with my daughters in law and that too if they have the time and willingness to do it. Even if they have both, I cannot predict whether our shopping instincts and tastes will match as much as a mom- daughter pair’s do. No offence meant here – that’s the way it is and we must learn to accept it.

I will never have the pleasure of my daughter looking up to me and saying I want to be/ dress up exactly like Mamma, Conversely, that just because I am the mother of sons, and more so since I am the mother of sons, it does not mean that I am over the hill and must do all that it takes to be up-to-date so that my DIL’s do not say I am passé! (thought is there, no time to practice though). There, I have said it. Though I hate MIL’s who try to compete with their DIL’s the mindset is happening to me too! I am already readying myself! (scene imagined is-hopefully- saas-bahu rivalry of the tele-serial tu-tu mai-main style)

And I ask myself – am I wishing for a daughter for all the wrong reasons? I feel that I am being selfish.
And to my sons I say- the fact doesn’t change that I wanted a daughter –badly, but there is another fact that is even more powerful than this. It is the fact that no matter what, my love for them will never be lesser and the intensity of which will never be less than the intensity of my wish for a daughter. I can never imagine wishing one of them to be any different from what they are. I am blessed that I have the double trouble to talk of, shower my affection on and anticipate their growing years.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Rules Of the people, For the people, By the People

My portfolio as Secretary to the building association involves a lot of rule enforcement in the complex. These rules are not set by me, period. It is set by the stakeholders that is the (permanent) residents of the building and merely enforced by the association, the Secretary being the vehicle to enforce. Like one cannot blame the traffic cop for stopping you when the signal is red and neither should you dash across the red light if the cop is not in sight, (both incidents happened today), similarly one should not antagonize the Secretary for enforcing the rules.
Few incidents that leave a bad taste in my mouth-
We have strictly designated one gate as in-gate and another as out-gate for safety reasons- one person repeatedly uses the in-gate for going out on his bike- almost thrashed the Security for stopping him. I thought we should resort to gandhigiri- ask the Security to blow a trumpet, clap and garland him every time he leaves through the in-gate.
Rule enforced- no 2nd car allowed inside as we want to use the extra space for creating children’s play area. A resident is using a car park belonging to another absentee owner for her 2nd car. Association decides to collect rent for the same as the owner has defaulted in terms of paying maintenance. Lady comes back to us that she will discuss with her husband and get back. I vaguely suggest that there are others willing to pay for it and move their car in. No response from her even after a whole month has passed by. I really hate to ask them for it again and again.
A neighbour as put a clothes line in the common area…and it’s being shared by two residents.
We rent out our association hall for parties thrown by residents- it has a hall, and bedroom, kitchen, bath attached to it. Rs 500/day of usage. People question why are they being charged? Do they understand there is cleaning charges, usage of chairs, possible damage to the walls/ TT Table and other fixtures built in. And incase they rent a decent hall outside, they have to pay atleast Rs 6000-8000. Someone called up saying he wished to use it for accommodating his relatives for a few days. Good idea but I needed to check with the committee members as we had not spelled out that staying was allowed. He began to push me into allowing him to use it for accommodation. Well, sir, I do not fix the rules, I do need to discuss with the committee members. We did allow him and added the facility to the rule book.
Cricket and football not allowed in the building. A lady said please do something as her son is unable to play. We suggested TT and Badminton (facility available). She says – but he does not have a partner. Well what can I do? Procreate? Who stopped her from producing a partner for her son at the apt time?
A lady stopped the kids from even standing near her new car (civic) for fear of scratches. Since her son who was driving the civic had little civic sense himself, he dashed it real bad and the car ended in the garage. Divine Providence?
People calling at odd-hours to discuss issues/ complaints. Finally I had to put an end to it by placing a request that all complaints will be taken only at the meetings and only if the person involved is present, and I surprise myself by being strict about it.
People questioning the association why a particular commitment has not been met. Why don’t you volunteer to complete the job? Left to me I have my priorities clear- my family, my job and then the association activities. Something which was clear when I assumed the office.
I was told this is a thankless job when I accepted it. I realized, but wanted to do it, set an example, to bring the people together. It pains me to admit that barring one picnic and another competition for kids, I have not been able to organize. The garba/ new year party all went kaput as none were willing to sign up in advance/ participate/ volunteer. Even the regulars were cheesed off and chickened out- (there, I support both the non veggies and the vegans by using both terms).
Can we as individuals change? Can we become more involved in the rest of the world around us? If I had the time, I would have done much more.
I could manage to change the security, enforce the one-car only rule, self type the complex directly and get copies to all, regularize monthly meetings among other minor things.
If only the landscape guy respected my schedule and came as per the appointment I gave him, I could try my hand at bettering the greenery around. If only Mr Civic was more willing to give up his parking slot in exchange for a new one created by the association, we could formalize the children’s play area. If only people pasted the parking stickers on their cars so that the rampant entry of outside cars could be controlled. If only people were more cooperative and willing to accommodate, then things would move a lot faster. After all, we are not running the government here where stakes are much higher!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Humour in the Family

R Jokes
Me- You must come back home (after playing) at 6.00 pm.
R- How will I know the time, I don’t wear a watch
Me- Come back before the street lights are switched on (which used to be between 6.00 pm & 6.15 pm)
After R came back home at 6.45 pm
Me- Why did you come so late
R- You only asked to come after street lights are on, and I have come back home as soon as the street lights were switched on
That day there had been a power cut …

Mom- eat your daal (pulses)
R- why, if I do not eat daal will somewhere some volcano will erupt
Obviously under the influence of too many chacha chowdhry comics where somewhere some volcano erupts when Sabu gets angry.

R woke up in the morning and started reading champak comic. As a result he was delayed, missed his school bus and came back home, dejected, head down waiting for the barrage from Mom
Mom (shouting sarcastically) - Go keep your school bag in your room and sit and read champak
R did exactly as told

*R is my brother

M Jokes
Me, while coaching her in Physics after passing class 10 – Where should a shaving mirror be placed – the answer was obviously to be given in terms of concave mirror, focal point etc.
M held her hand in front of her face and indicated where

*M is my sister

R-S Jokes
1. I have practically forgotten that my name is R (during the marriage talks). People always say “the boy” will go and meet the girl or all depends on whether “the boy” likes the girl, instead of saying “R” will go and meet “girl’s name”- fill in the blanks

2. R- I can see the entire Delhi on my cycle
S- Me too
R- How come? You don’t know how to ride a bicycle
S- Sitting behind you

3. Mom- S, you must study well. See how your Dad can easily buy things for you because he has studied well and is earning well. Similarly what will you do when your children ask you for toys, books etc?
S- I will say go beta (son) go, ask your Grandfather

4. R my cousin to R my brother- If you go to the toilet in my (residential) college now, you will take 2 buckets of water, one to flush off the previous fellow’s shit and the 2nd for yours. After spending 6 months there, you will manage with 1 bucket.
R my brother- Why?
R my cousin- because as you get used to this lifestyle, you will flush out only the previous fellow’s shit.

*R-S are my cousins

N-Sh-A Jokes
We all know the adage that a girl and her aunt (father’s sister) are considered to be similar in many aspects as they belong to the same family. And since like forces repel…
Background- Sh’s Mother is N’s Aunt (father’s sister)
N, teasing Sh- you resemble your aunt (father’s sister)
Sh- obviously not very thrilled- No I don’t … and retorted- infact “you” resemble “your” aunt (who is Sh’s mother ultimately)

A to his sister Sh while fighting- why are you hitting me with so much force?
As if it was ok if she hit him softly while fighting- I mean, why would she bother about that?

N, Sh, A are my cousins

Friday, January 19, 2007

Eating out of our Hands

I feel very strongly against feeding kids out of our plates. While Dr Spocks mentions that kids love to eat out of their parents’ plates and we must indulge them, the problem starts when every one out there start feeding the kids out of their plate, at times coaxing and cajoling that the kids take a bite out of theirs. This has a cascading effect on the child’s behaviour too. At first they will ask food from people who regularly feed them out of their plates. Encouraged by the positive response, they start asking everyone and then move on to accepting food from strangers too.
I must say, they look really adorable when they make those signs when they see us come with our plates but it gets embarrassing when in a gathering they start taking bites out of everyone’s plates apart from their parents’/ relatives’. On at least two occasions, I had total strangers/ family friends offering my kids food out of their plates. I had to strongly- to the point of rudeness, refuse the offer on behalf of my kids. As a mother, I am concerned about the hygiene issues and therefore felt the need to draw the line somewhere.
That’s besides the point that I hate being questioned when I am asked why I am offering food out of my plate to them. But I am the mother or Hubby is the father and we can take the privilege of being exceptions to the rule. But then, I do bear in mind that instead of feeding the whole meal to them, I give them a piece of roti / fruit and replenish from a separate plate so that they realize that it is their share they are eating and it’s acceptable that they can eat out of their plate but not out of my (and therefore anybody’s) plate.

Moms/ Pops/ Others – what are your views on the subject. Am I wrong? Am I being over protective?

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Brand Itchingtowrite

Am taking up artnavy’s tag. 10 things that define my style- some aspirations, some actual, some attitudinal some character sketch marks
If I were an animal/ bird: a cat- comfort loving, languid, creature of habit, a little self centred.
If I were a vehicle: attitudinally- a motorbike, quick, cheap, functional, no frills, effortless
If I were a comic character: character wise I identify with Dilbert- attracting trouble, sees through corporate gimmicks, like to identify the best of the available perks/ anything that can be seen as addition to the cost to company- internet time, flying return points, shopping time during travels…etc
If I were a city: Delhi off course- an all encompassing pace, adaptive, Indifferent but alert/ quick on the uptake
If I were an art form : stylewise- I would be collage art- uninhibited, best of waste, imaginative yet not creative/ with wide appeal/ collector’s item
If I were a colour: temperament wise- I would be orange- bright and with fire within, may explode anytime
If I were a gizmo: Aspirationwise-physically and emotionally- I would like to be that all important thing that is flat, has the controls, and is all important, forever in demand- yes the TV remote
If I were a fruit: I would be a mango- seasonal (I flourish sometimes and I am totally out of sorts and low inertia at other times), adaptive/ versatile (can assume various roles like the mango that goes well as various forms of desserts, pickles etc)
If I were a Perfume Style: I would be Chypre- a term we fragrance guys understand- something that is not taken to instantly but grows on you and one learns to appreciate it later. I
If I were a fabric: any day a crepe- character wise- semi transparent, easy to see through, taste wise- expensive yet low maintenance, practical Thanks, Art, I had fun doing this, introspective, difficult yet I got caught on to it after the first few.
I tag specifically my new friends in the blogworld- Ideasmith, SM, Gabdu’s mom, Coffee, Priya and anybody who is interested in doing so.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

They Have a Mind of Their Own

Pongal was well celebrated with the deadly duo doing the prayers and being the official bell ringer- the role was assumed for the entire day and the service included cleaning the bell by putting it into the mouth. So much for maintaining the puja items clean. And yes check out the Fab India Kurta Pajamas

Cleaning spree- Pre Pongal?- all the napkins were duly handed over to my sister – until se said thank you they did not go back for more

Tejas has moved one step further in his mobile phone expertise. He now holds a conversation consisting of awu wau wau, ha ha, yaa, yaa and then hands over the phone to me with an expression that says “ you handle this bugger… he is talking crap", expecting me to do the same small talk and hand it back to him

Is this the beginning of Potty training – Tejas sat on a plate and pissed on it!

They discovered puffed rice- and they were very generous with it. Ojas used to eat one grain and then offer the next one to me. While tejas used to eat one and then take it out of his mouth and push it into mine. Ojas also offered his share of sugarcane piece to me.

Friday, January 12, 2007

An Essay on My Mobile Phone

What if a modern day mom had to write an essay on her mobile phone? May be it would run along these lines-
My mobile phone is the most important device for me. It helps me in not only staying connected but it has a multitude of other uses.
The number one among all uses is as pacifier to my kids. Whether at home or in the car or in the shop, the moment I hand the phone to them, they promptly stop crying. It is the most effective remedy, second only to the milk bottle and especially when the milk bottle fails in the job. The various ring tones when played one after the other elicit great response from the kids. They have some favorites like robonix. It also helps if I give blank calls to Daddy’s phone and the hello tune “all that she wants” plays. They love to hunt for Daddy’s phone when it starts ringing when I call from my phone.
It also serves as an object for playing. The kids love to press random buttons and hate it when the keypad is locked and the backlight does not switch on, especially when it’s time to sleep and all the room lights are off. They also love to put it in their mouth and even bite it, now that they have the teeth to do so. My new black phone has teeth marks on it and Daddy’s flip phone has scratch marks from constant dragging.
They prefer the flip phone as compared to my ordinary phone. But my phone scores above their toy phone. By the way, they also like to take photographs from the mobile. They practice acting using my cell phone- they like to hold it against their ears and walk around muttering something. If we say hello, they like to hold it against their ears.
My phone has got some 15 extra contacts stored like- P, *, 7, *70, 68966, with corresponding numbers like 7070#0*070 etc. My kids also socialize using the phone- they have sent a number of sms to the airtel help line number and made calls to the last dialed numbers.
Apart from the above, my phone helps me in home management. If I am in the bathroom and the door bell rings or the cooker whistles, I can call my sleeping hubby or brother or sister whenever they are there, on the phone and ask them to move their back side.
When my babies were born and one of them used to sleep with their grandma, she used to use her mobile to call me on my mobile and wake me up for the night feeds.

All in all, I have made complete and productive use of my phone.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

My Adorable Darlings

1-2, put the shoe, 3-4 shut the door?no, opposite

Early Adopters

It's my mess and yes, I play with my chaddi

This is the way I ask for stuff

it's mobile right? so why can't I move it like a car

For Display

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Tat You

Polite aren’t we? I said thank you to Tejas and he replied- Tat Youuu.
• Auditors in the making- Many times during the day they open the cupboard where the dustbin is housed and stand and carry out their inspection peeking into the nooks and corners and even tried to poke into the rubbish
• We are getting independent – they can sit quietly through out the drive on the seats with the safety belt clasped- child seats?? nahh
• We drove mamma and dadda mad- they were all over the place during the office party and became generally the talk of the town that day
• We plan the walks- they decide where they want to go during their evening walks- mostly outside the complex gate or where the kids are playing
\ • Don’t you stuff our mouths with that food- they like to do the hand to mouth thing. They will take the food in their hand and self feed. They like it if fed on the tricycle
• Future chefs?- they will sit on the kitchen floor and throw all the vessels out

• Ponga Pundits- (Faux priests)- they religiously give company to daddy during puja and touch their head on to the floor
• Tata- when we leave for work, they give a polite tata but otherwise a riot happens behind the closed main door/ bathroom door/ bedroom door- it’s generally considered impolite to close the door and egos are hurt when the kitchen entrance is blocked
• We know what makes them tick- when we do not respond to their so called requests their way to elicit a quick one is to fall nose down on the floor and lick it or hit the floor with the head or run and fall on the floor or simply stand, jump and sit on the floor with a thud to hit the bum. If on bed do a free fall albeit carefully
• Ride the sympathy wave- if one gets hurt and is been getting all the affection, try and fall down, cry and run to the available person for sympathy
• Friendly Neighbourhood- today they were holding hands when they woke up in the morning.

Monday, January 08, 2007

My Eating Expeditions

The obvious perks about being in a taste industry are that you get to sample a wide variety of products from various countries without spending one pie from your pocket. If you are hungry you can walk up uninvited to the lab of your choice and sample a product without appearing to be greedy. After all, you are not eating, but tasting and testing. You must love food and be regarded as a connoisseur. There is nothing wrong in professing a love of food in this industry as your skills will be often utilized in tasting new developments. If you want to eat specific food or fruits you can start a proactive development exercise and go to that Chinese joint or that juice centre to sample the dishes.
While Fragrance industry took me to a world of exotic scents and a dreams, the Flavour industry provides gastronomic delights.
Some of the new products that I have sampled and recommend are-

Cadbury celebrations cake, Cadbury Flake bar, Cadbury Praline Cakes –Orange Flavour- All various cakes with chocolate coating- amazing, rich taste- you can have just one at a time- it’s so rich. The praline variety is amazingly crunchy.
Jaffa orange cake- Cake enrobed in orange jam and chocolate. The chocolate can be pulled apart in a flat layer exposing the jam and the cake.
• Kellogs K-time Apple muffin bar – individually wrapped apple flavoured muffins.
• Tesco’s Coffee Cream Cake- coffee flavoured cake with coffee cream- you could give the cream a pass but the cake overall has a very rich taste
• Tasted a locally sold UK brand of Coffee flavoured chocolate called Coffee Chocolate – bitter-sweet combination, one of the few chocolates that do not leave the intense sweet after taste
Oreo cookie- despite the hype, I did not like it. May be I got an old stock or maybe my taste buds do not appreciate it. I like the sunfeast or the Pure magic chocolate better
• Parle Xhale Strong Mints- Since it’s sugarfree it’s great for the calorie conscious. It has cooling properties and I felt that I was having an ice-chip in my mouth.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Counting My Blessings 2006

A question-answer session with myself

Q Overall what did you achieve as an individual wearing different hats?A
a) Myself- my number one achievement would be discovering a new therapeutic hobby – blogging- something that keeps me occupied and makes me look forward to opening the I-Explore window every morning. I have become much more social and widened my perspective and knowledge through blogging. I am able to express myself and my views with more ease than I have ever done before.
New beginnings- changed my job after more than 7 years –a sea change from being a vintage / fossil to a green horn in the new place. Have started driving regularly inspite of advices of hiring a driver and got over the initial jitters- a long way to go before I become an accomplished driver but still a good start.
Assumed the role of the Secretary to the resident association- the reason is not the accolade but as a responsible owner who holds stakes. Managed to get new security system enforced, organize get together and contests for kids and do a lot of problem solving
My approach to time utilization has taken a new dimension- every available minute is more or less utilized. This year I want to take it slow as the kids give me more breathing space.
Regularised my reading- brought that funky bookmark out of storage. Plan never to put it back again

b) Mom- 1st Nov 2005 I graduated to being a Mom. 2006 I have gained work experience and have matured in approach towards it from 05 to 06. From advice based rearing of kids to tailored approach, education specific play to play hard whenever we get the opportunity, just for the sake of the laugh, toys as a pacifier to toys that build an emotional connect- both are developing their favourites, from cautious and over protection to letting go. Made a new beginning on 1st Jan 2007- instead of the daily walk on their stroller, I let them loose in the complex without worrying about they getting dirty or picking germs- they had a ball chasing each other, following the other kids and trying to snatch their cycle/ bubble blowing toy. While we did apply and are waitlisted for their admissions for 2010, I am not too worried, as there are other schools that will give a fair chance when they reach the right age.

c) Wife- a much neglected hat – the Mom hat takes up most of the time. Inspite of being on extended maternity leave; I simply did not have the time, due to being full time with the kids. Wish together we had made use of the opportunity by me letting go as a Mom and hubby letting that deadline pass sometimes- Progress on that front too- While I missed my 2005 anniversary lunch – left home at 3 pm only after taking care of the needs of the month old kids, I have graduated and managed a movie and dinner too this year. No regrets but wish I had worn the wife hat more no of times or rather we had worn the couple hat on more occasions

d) Daughter/ DIL/ Sister- Taken more than given I guess, with all the support from their front on bringing up babies.

e) Employee- On leave most of the year therefore may not have helped deliver the numbers. Work had slid down in my priority list but after 6 months of continuing in limbo, I was rearing to go. I needed a new beginning and therefore took the risk and moved jobs- am glad I did- for the confidence it gave me. While the initial response to my inputs have been good, I need to find ways to not rest on my laurels and reinvent myself over 2007 - For the 1st time in life I am at the receiving end of company paid perks and flexitime rules and am enjoying it to the hilt. Managed to leave the kids for 3 days and 2 nights. Note to myself- be passionate about your work but do not let it take over your life and remember- the kids and family are more important- before going that extra mile, think about them

f) Social Animal- Did only a few dinners largely (wo)manned by Mom/ MIL. Attended only 1 wedding out of many – local and without kids, did one travel to Delhi- Patna and one to Pondicherry – with kids. From shopping without kids or with kids plus support, have moved to “hum do hamare do”- we two our two outings, locally off course. Have networked with friends and even managed to meet two of them over dinner- 1 alone and 1 with family. Plan to do that atleast once a month- alone.

g) Home Manager- becoming better at it by the day- in terms of task allocation, result orientation, control- high sounding words- add the word maid to them and the picture gets clearer

Q For the Family what were the high points?
A Hubby’s promotions, increase in international travel destinations, he finally owning my dream car- Innova, Starting our business, babies’ first (air) travel, 1st birthday party

Q Looking forward to 2007
A Living it up with my kids- no compromise on that front, more quality time with hubby, Cook atleast 1 dish every month that I have not tried before and make my menu more interesting, Finally kick-started exercising this morning, Talwalkers will be the next destination for weight loss once I get those muscles moving and the kilos shedding – after all why pay them to do the initial water loss, Thereafter change of wardrobe- include the Sari and re-introduce trousers to my office wear and regularise my grooming routine, Swift, Buck up on work front and swiften the learning process.

Credits- Thanks ArtNavy for your post that helped crystalize my thoughts