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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Am I getting obsessed?

All that I want is to talk of my babies. Everyday I relate to all my friends, relatives and colleagues about the exploits of my babies. Sometimes I even repeat them to the same person to my embarassment. I call my parents long distance to share this new trick that they have learnt.
I think of them all the time. I find myself staring at their photo on my desktop screen at work. I share notes with other new mommies. I am already registering in schools. I hum nursery rhymes to myself and look up new ones to sing to them. I smile to myself when I think of them.
The only discussion that I have with hubby is about the kids. We laugh at their antics and muse about their future. We are already imagining them at sa re ga ma pa or the likes of that. We have absolutely no adult conversation happening. Its only baby talk all over again.
My husband doesn't take photos of me anymore and nor do I of him. Every month I upload their snaps and send them to all whom we know. I go to the shops if I need to buy something for the kids. Suddenly I am visiting all blogs that talk of parents' experience with their kids. Not to forget the number of books and websites on parenting.
The virus has spread to my parents/ in-laws/ sis/ brother too. They rave about the babies whenever they call up or meet.
I am constantly watching out for new signs of development- like crawling, sitting, teething etc. I am forever vigilant and on the look out for potentially evil things that may harm my babies - like piece of paper, the small speck of dirt, too much of tv.
I look at others' babies and mentally compare with mine. I like to show them off to others. They have become like a ticket to the social circle for me. Like my uncle puts it- 'Suddenly you will find yourself very popular". I have become famous in my building because of my twins.

So is all this obsession or every new parent reacts similarly?

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Homeopathic Medicines I Swear By

My Grandma & Mom have spend years on reading up and experimenting with homeopathic medications. A few medicines they recommend to be always stored in my medicine cabinet-
Arnica Mont- Physical injury - visible or not visible & Mental stress- Much as we would like to avoid, there will be occassion when our growing baby would fall and hurt itself. A dose - meaning few globules or 2-3 drops mixed in water would help in reducing the swelling or the other harmful effects of a fall

Aconite Nap- given at the onset of a cold - it actually drives away the cold in many cases. give right away when you hear a few sneezes or observe the eyes watering. My friend & I swear by it. can give if the nose is running and the mucous is watery

Bryonia- in case the child has caught the cold and is suffering from running nose and the mucous is thick and heavy

Belladonna- cough

Cammomila- loose stools especially green/ blackish or during teething. also effective if the baby is generally cranky or crying a lot.

Ipecac- vomiting

Nux Vom- loose motion/ indigestion/ stomach pain/ vomiting

Apis Mel- if you suspect there is some stomach infection

Symphytom mother tincture- if you suspect there has been a hair line crack or there is a need to use a crepe bandage if one has hurt itself in twisted a hand/ leg/finger etc

For infants below 6 months you can use the potency of "6" and give it 2-3 times a day

Potency of 30 pr mother tincture can be given for older children / adults- 2 times a day

Other medicines-

Natrum Mur 3x- for insect bites. eat a few globules neat or mixed with warm water and even make a paste and apply on teh affected part

Silicea 12x- a little strong medicine- to be administered with caution on infants- for any foreign object lodged in the body- anything in the eye/ thorn or glass piece in the skin

Ferrum Phos 12x - cough

The good thing about homeopathic medicines is that it has no adverse/ side effects. Just ensure that the medicines are taken 20 minutes- half an hour before brushing/ eating and atleast upto 20 minutes- 1/2 an hour later do not brush or eat anything. Buy only good quality medicine - I have more faith on the german one - i think its called B&T

Disclaimer- the above is compiled based on personal experience only. incase it does not work within a few hours or a day please visit the doctor. I do not claim it to be an authority guide and neither am I a doctor. Its your wish to follow or not follow the above

Friday, August 25, 2006

Geographic Spread

How good is our knowledge of geography of the world, or even our own country India?
What do schools do to make this topic interesting ? I remember geography as the most dreaded subject in school & today I simply cannot imagine why as I can see my overall understanding of the cities/ rivers of India and somewhat of the world is not bad. Infact I remember I used to be pretty dumb as I had once marked Allahabad in Maharashtra - supposedly confused it with Ahmedabad- which again is not in Maharashtra at all! Slowly, as I began to regularly travel in trains-back and forth from the hostels, I was able to commit to memory the various stations, rivers etc en-route. Things became much easier for me then.
Can we think of ways to make the subject easy to institutionalise in our mind? Geography is like General Knowledge and it is important that we strenghten this knowledge among the kids of today
A few years ago I had this conversation with a colleague of mine-
Me- Hey MS, why did you send the customer samples to Delhi office? It has to go to a client in Sikkim so you should have sent it to Kolkatta office?
MS- So what, anyway Delhi & Sikkim and Kolkatta & Sikkim are equi-distant, so it doesn't matter which office I send the samples to
Me - ???

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Many Thanks

Hi Guys
A warm welcome to all the new visitors on my blog. I have been relatively unsocial the last few days and want to make it up by replying to all the comments on my blog
HHGrand Mom- love to have you and your inputs on board. Will look forward to continued visits and insights from you. I recently read Sudha Murthy's Wise & Otherwise. Proabably you would find it interesting.

Visitor- Don't ask me how I reached your blog. I am new to blogosphere and hooked on. Just discovered how to add blog links to my page and am in the process of adding them. Yours would soon be up on mine as I like the way you summarise the happenings on blog world

Vibhor- Thanks for dropping by. Great 1st post. keep it coming
Rohini, Rajitha, Ardra - thanks for taking time to read my blogs. will look forward to your comments


Why does the phone ring when you are in the bath?
Why do you get atleast 3 calls waiting only when you are on that oh so long call?
Why does your husband ask you for that sudden date on that day when you are too busy to even die or rather why does a meeting crop up when the opportunity to bunk work presents itself suddenly?
Why is the last peanut always rotten?
Why does it definitely rain the day you did not carry your umbrella or does not when you take the trouble to take your umbrella with you
Why do you eventually forget that birthday which you remembered until say 11.30 pm of the previous day?
Why does the boss always catch you during that 15 minute net surfing you stealed off?
Why is the petrol tank dry the day you manage to get your husband to let you take the car?
Why does the net/ lines go down the day the crucial report has to go?
Why does it happen that on certain days we walk in to office and see that almost everyone is attired in similar colours?
Why do logistics fail certainly in big/ crucial projects?
Why do important couriers reach after the due date?

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


• Repair dripping faucets and leaky toilets. Dripping faucets can waste about 2,000 gallons of water each year. A leaking toilet can waste up to 20,000 litres of water per year
• Check the tanks and outdoor faucets/ pipes periodically for any leakage
• Switch off the motor before the tanks are completely full
• Close taps while brushing, shaving, scrubbing clothes, scouring dishes
• By keeping your shower under 5 minutes, you’ll save up to 4,500 litres a month
• Wash vegetables in a bowl of water not under the tap. Wash the cleanest vegetables first
• Water used for washing rice, vegetables can be used for plants or for flushing toilets
• Water used for bath can be reused for flush
• Encourage school children to pour the left over water from their bottles to plants
• Do not over water the lawn- water towards the evening or when it is less windy so that evaporation loss is minimal
• Use the mineral rich water of fish tank for plants
• Collect rain water in a tub to water plants
• To wash cars use water from a bucket and not a hosepipe – up to 300litre of water can be saved
• Use a broom, rather than a hose, to clean sidewalks and driveways
• Run the washing machine on full load / Select water level as per the wash load
• Defrost food in the refrigerator or in the microwave instead of running water
• Cook food in as little as possible. This will also retain more of the nutrients
• Drop tissue in the trash instead of flushing it and save gallons every time
• Install a toilet dam or bottle filled with water in your toilet tank to cut down on the amount of water used for each flush. Be sure these devices do not interfere with operating parts
• Bathe your pets outdoors in an area in need of water
• Create awareness among your kids/ family members
• Teach maids water conservation
• Get your club to cover the swimming pool to cut evaporation loss by 90 percent.
• If you notice water being wasted anywhere, speak up!!
Become the “Brand Ambassador” for the cause of Water Conservation

Friday, August 18, 2006

Have More - at these restaurants - in Chennai

Radisson Kabab Factory- top of my list - for the yummy kabab buffet - book in advance and arrive around 7.30 pm for the unhurried meal
Rain Tree- ecologically sound Ecotel- great buffet but found the dessert menu lacking
fisherman's Cove buffet - destination eating- amazing selection of salads in the buffet
Park Sheraton- yummy desserts
Dhaba express- go for the cenatoph road one- cheap & best- when you are in the mood to eat a lot without spending much money- the butter chicken is yummy
Fruit Shop at Greams Road- wide range of juices & shakes - try the fruit cocktail regular
Shakes & creams- a little too noisy- good for the college crowd, slow service - can't catch the waiters' eye even if you are doing a nice dance at the table, but teh food is worth it- the pizza is quite Indian, fresh & unique. also the serving of the fruit Salad & shakes is very generous
Coffee Day at Indira Nagar- for the ambience- suits both a casual setting or a business one
Food Court at Ascendas IT Park- great setting, ambience and the food too- Chennaites watch out for the KFC coming up there
Kabab Court- try the Mughlai Paratha - very filling , service not too prompt though
Subway offcourse- very filling - won't feel hungry for a long time after that
Cascade & Mainland China- for the authentic Chinese meal- do experiment with the chopsticks
Mansukh's, T Nagar - authentic Gujarati meal, try the pattravadi, dhokla & the take away snacks
Cake World- adyar- Cheap & good cakes, snacks - try the black forest cake

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Travel Tips for the Frequent Flier

Yesterday I went on a business trip to Mumbai. Was travelling almost after 1.5 years - thanks to high risk pregnancy and the delivery thereafter. Barely managed to reach the airport within few minutes of the aircraft gates closing. Not to forget the hours I spent the night before on the packing.
Thought I will just put together the good practices I used to follow during my frequest flier days

Even if you can tele-check in, it is always better to get your office travel agent to do a city check-in & collect your boarding card 1 day in advance. Get your choice seat- prefer the front so that it is easier and faster to get off especially at Mumbai & Chennai where aerobridge is more common (you can only get off the front then).
Set aside 1 bag only for travel purpose. Don't use that for anything else. Keep 1 toilet kit and a medium size towel (the thin cotton one so that it can dry faster),1 newspaper, 1 paper bag/ plastic bag, 1 small lock with key inside it always.
Toilet kit should contain your toothbrush, small size paste, soap in soapcase, soap strip booklet, 1-2 shampoo sachets, perfume/ deo, shaving equipment as per choice, small pack of lotion/ moisturiser, 1 leaflet of bindi for the ladies who use it., 1 lipstick in a standard brown/ maroon colour, 1 small nailpolish bottle, compact powder, eyeliner for those who use it. Remeber to replace the toiletries that would have expired.
Ladies please keep 1 hand bag/ purse strictly for travel purpose. my be your lipstick/ eye liner/ copact could shift to yoru purpose along with 1 small mirror, 1 comb. Leave some cash handy in your bag so that even if you forget to keep you will have some safety stock. For the real forgetful types - you could even leave 1 ATM card & 1 credit card inside- I mean I am sure we have multiple of those now with the umpteen no of free cards that we get.
Always better to travel light. anyway you need the space to fill in with stuff bought there. The rule should be 1 dress per day plus a few extra casual ones. Keep as many repeatable trousers/ duppatas/ salwars - 1 black & 1 off white should always be included
If you are travelling in the morning, then night before itself, keep your bags as close to the entrance as possible. Pre-make sandwiches and keep in the fridge. Morning straight away put it in the toaster . Or grab a fruit before leaving home. Keep your ticket, home keys, money the night before into your bag.
Leave home in such a way that you reach atleast 30 minutes before departure time. Add another 20 minutes for check-in baggage.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Ma vs Ma in law

I have learnt that-
one may have differences with Ma & MIL alike but, with Ma one can open up easily and fight it out as one knows her all her life. With MIL there is a hesitation to cross the rubicon. Its upto the MIL & hubby to help out the damsel in distress. And as fights with ma go, one forgives and forgets the next moment, the same principle applies to fights with MIL . And a good argument (this is the word I like to use rather than fight) truly clears the air.

If Ma buys the same stuff that one has bought, one says our tastes are same, if MIL does the same, one says she is copying - she always wants the same thing that I have - one has the need to shine at the in-laws side in all respects - talent, tastes, attitude - if MIL posseses the same thing, one cannot show-off

If Ma messes up, one silently covers up - but MIL has to answer the son - probably because the son never believes that his Ma can go wrong. there is an urge with one to show that hubby's Ma is not all that perfect

Grass is always greener on the other side- One never likes one's MIL but friends' or relatives' MIL is usually very sweet, understanding and adjusting.

All said and done today's MIL is extremely low maintenance than those of bygone years. Am sure the next gen DIL has a lot to look forward to.

Steps to make MIL-DIL relationship better
Shop together- nothing like saying you select for me ..( even pay for it hopefully)
Gossip- women bond well at this especially if the object of gossip is universally hated by both
Cook together and praise the other's skills
Find the weak spot - more often than not it would be praise for some special skill or a favourite show/ film
Gifts - as Alice said there are more unbirthday presents (364 against 1 on b'day)- find occassions other than b'days - the surprise element adds to the pleasure

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Women in Love

What happens when 2 women are in love with the same man? There is bound to be jealousy and squabbles. And what if the two women share the same name; the same spaces and sometimes even the same kitchen? Conflicts? Competition? And how exactly does the man play the balancing act? He loves both women albeit in different ways. He would like to believe that he is treating both of them fairly. Sometimes the novelty of one relationship may take precedence over the time-span of the other relationship and vice versa. But definitely he would have his preferences and biases. I wouldn’t call such a relationship as triangular. A triangle would bind the relationships, whereas to me it is boundless. So, to graphically put it- if one were to draw a straight line, the man would be the centre and the 2 women would be on the extreme ends of the axis- the object of either’s love is same but directionally opposite. And these two women love the man too much to blame him so the blame goes squarely on the other woman in the man’s life. And that is when the conflict begins and the man gets pulled into it whether he likes it or not.
A little bit of intelligence could sort this out easily.
1. the basic understanding that no body hates the other coordinate in this whole game- even the two women
2. time – together and exclusive – no matter what, when 2 women get together there are enough gossips and bitching to bond them
3. space- to each other – hey be practical the guy cannot always take only you out for shopping or function- some occasions warrant that both of you join him
4. sportsman spirit- hey be a sport- one of you have to be second. You both can’t be equally good at everything – be it at cooking his favourite dish or being his idea bouncing board or being his best friend…
5. and remember – times change – you could be or would have been in the other’s shoes some time or the other…

Hey, did I mention that the women in question are the much talked about Mom in law and Daughter in law?