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Friday, May 22, 2015

More on Delhi Trip

What would one do when going to Delhi with children for yet another holiday apart from lots of playing with cousins?
This time, I thought I could do a sort of Delhi darshan with the kids as a part of their learning.
So I made a bucket list of things to do in Delhi which would be a good mix of seeing the heritage in the city or beyond and doing some fun and learning.
Day 1- arrival
Day 2- Drive to Agra and be back by night to make the most of the Delhi trip
Day 3- While the ladies go to shop till they drop, the children are taken off bythe men for a movie
Day 4- a trip to Gwalior
Day 5- A visit to Sulabh Toilet museum, Science centre and India Gate in its full glory thereby doing at least one monument in Delhi. While the aim was to do at least a couple more, it was not possible because of time contraint and the heat
Day 6- rest, play and barbad night party with cousins
Day 7- Travel back
So it turned out to be a fairly good holiday, fun filled, with activities and also enough of leisure time


 Some Simple maths simplified

history of perfumes
Dinosaur round
mental reflexes
cycle and muscle movements
number maths

infinite well that they figured out easily

Louis's throne

Family that shits together stays together

simple way to stop poo


Thursday, May 21, 2015

Agra Trip

Agra more specifically the Taj had been on my bucket list to do with the family before I turned 40 and I have done it during my last Delhi trip.
We took the car to Agra from Gurgaon early morning and made it to Agra in about 4 hours from where Taj was a little distance away.
a small town, almost what I remmeber from my last trip in 1982 but it was more smelly and crowded and with lots of shops, more specifically the carrot radish vendors!!
This was a whirlwind trip with an attempt to cover as much as possible with as much detail as possible hence we could not do Fatehpur Sikri or Idmat e daula much as we wanted it.
We started with Taj, the most important one and below is the main / roytal gate for the same. We hired a guide so that he would take us to otherwise unknown nooks and corners.
I felt the guide was worth investing because he made us see the building in a different light and also took us to the right photo points
He showed us the central line which divides the makbara into two parts and the way it runs across the entire plot through the different gates.

 important photo spot!! hold the Taj
 another one from the tip
 exploring animal planet in the water body
 another photo point . reflects on the dark glasses when taken from behind. Note only two pillars are available. The pillars tilt outwards a bit so that they do not fall on the main structure

 the foundation for black Taj that never got completed due to cost constraints and Aurangzeb's intervention
 note the gemstones are stolen
 trick tower- looks like 6 faces on one side, but it is smooth. optical illusion

We did the Red fort also and hired a guide who took us through the motions
  royal bathroom - mirrored hall which reflects across

 view of Taj- vantage point in diwane khas

 doors to chambers

 clapping to warn the enemy at the entrance. the clap travels inside. the slope is so designed so heavy boulders can roll down on enemy line
 vantage point for picture taken slyly
 paid entertainment- feeding squirrel

Friday, May 15, 2015

Recharge Faster



A very catchy jingle welcomes us when we watch the new airtel app ad. It is about shaking to hear the sound of money and savings and that definitely got my antenna up.


My Airtel App brings convenience at your fingertips. Today, most of our work including bill payments, shopping, connecting with people and also talking on phone is done through one instrument which is the mobile phone. The more my service providers offer, the better and smarter I get in dealing with my daily issues.


"The My Airtel App with its simple and intuitive design helps manage all DTH, Broadband, Prepaid & postpaid services in one place. There are offers for post paid and pre paid users and it helps pay your bills, recharge your DTH, track account usage, track service requests, buy products, and add your family & friends' numbers"


All features are currently available on Android. IOS release - coming soon and it cannot be soon enough because that is what the need of the hour is.


The download process is easy and can be done fast.


The top best features that I like about the MY Airtel App are as follows-


1)    Recharging DTH because that is something we always forget and when we are out of station and are out of sight and out of mind, it helps us be on track on our recharges so that we get uninterrupted supply at home and the Mother in Law is not annoyed at being cut off from her favourite serials. And most importantly, these are quick. That is the best thing about these.

2)    The sound of savings, the recharge benefits, coupon, free surprise. Anything that is free is the best and I like that best. Amazing to be able to save money by just shaking my piggy bank, err My Airtel Money

3)    The I Want to feature which saves my frequent recharges and bill payments on my homescreen is also extremely interesting as it helps me shorten my transaction time after the first transaction that I have done. Now I can repeat my frequent recharges on the go and do not need to refer to any data. A very secure, safe and fast method of doing the jobs that is necessary and important but highly uninteresting. Most importantly, one can auto log in which saves the hassles of remembering passwords.



My wishlist

What more can My Airtel app give me?


I would love to have new features and facilities updated on my finger tips.


Keep me excited about what more you can give me.


Make it faster than fast.


Can I book gas through it?


Go to the link to experience the new features from airtel app.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

My First Expert

My mother remains my go to person for all problems. Everytime I face a situation, I believe that if I tell her, everything will be alright.

A form of unburdening my troubles on her, without any thought that I would be burdening her with my own troubles.

For me, my mom is the strongest person. Stronger than I believe her to be. My heart knows that if I have a problem, no matter what, if I tell her, she will find a way out for me. It scares me to think that the same expectation will be from me for my children and I may fail, unlike her.

Today, as I struggle with my weight, the first lesson I remember is-
Take a bowl and eat. Do not eat straight from the jar. You will not have control. MY FIRST PORTION CONTROL LESSON indeed.

She taught me etiquette.
Do not load your plate in one go. Go for seconds. BUFFET MANNERS!

She taught me to treat my children as priority.
Forget drinking water and eating when the children are crying for a feed! WHEN THE INTEREST IS OF BIGGER INTEREST THAN THE PRINCIPLE!

She taught me to stay calm and collected in the face of adversity.
Be quite. Do not answer back. Just hear them out. LESSONS IN PATIENCE AND TOLERANCE.

She taught me basic life hacks.
Baking a quick cake, making fluffy parathas, tenderising meat.
MY FIRST COOKING CLASSES WERE AT MY MOTHER'S SIDE, overlooking her shoulders and observing what she does. Even today when I grind garam masala or cook jackfruit, I call her to get the recipe!

She taught me to respect and be helpful.
Everytime we went to people's home, she ensured that we siblings cleared empty plates, helped in the kitchen and were generally useful. We hated it that time but today I realise that it was a character building exercise that I did not appreciate that time.

She taught me to appreciate family. Whether it meant going to visit family and not making excuses to stay back at home or going for summer vacation. She made memories for us and ensured we appreciated the same.

She ensured we were independent yet kept a close eye on us. Today, she tends to mother us and do things for us and sometimes holds back from giving her opinion and I appreciate it even more because being a mother, it is difficult to let go and watch others fail.

My mother is my conscience keeper, teaching me what is right and what is not and she remains my inspiration and provides me life quotes, some funny, some profound, both varieties being extremely important in life!!

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