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Sunday, October 07, 2012

Culture Curry Teaches Hindi

If you are at a loss to finding a fun wy to teach hndi to your children above 2 years, culture curry is the apt place for has launched a new application available in iTunes stre. It is an interactive Hindi learning application which introduces early learners to all the Hindi alphabets in a fun manner. The flash cards are interactive, touch a clock and the alarm rings. 

Each flash card further introduces more words and concepts like the six sides of a hexagon is further used to teach colours. Or the basket of fruits is used to teach the various fruits therefore the app does not rely n a straightforward method of just teaching a word at a time but also acts exactly as a parent or teacher would. Explode the picture into parts and patterns and further build on the same. 

There is also a section on tracing the letters in four different chalk colours and even erasing them. 

 A fun and catchy tune gives the background thus adding a music to the sound dimension of the learning.

 The app is priced at $1.99 in the US and accordingly in other regions.

About Culture Curry

Culture Curry was conceived to help children and parents connect with their Indian heritage. Taking advantage of new technologies like tablets and smart phones, it aims to provide healthy, fun and supportive tools, which will bring you and your child closer to your culture. 

If you would like further information on Let's Learn Hindi!, or you would like to schedule an interview, please contact :




Twitter: @culturecurryapp

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Violence Against Women Awareness Month: October 2012

It's October and once again, we're talking about Violence Against Women.

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