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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Puzzle Train

This is what they do with their puzzle pieces. Anyways, picked up 6 picture puzzles made of cardboard on a cardboard tray- each 15 piece set for Rs 40 average. The tray has the piece outline pre marked for ease.
Also 2 wooden puzzles with Winnie the pooh scenerary for Rs 100/- The tray has the photograph on a paper that can be used to line the tray and the 25 pieces of the puzzle can be placed on that. Once the kids are adept with it, the paper could be removed.
These were bought at Baby World in Besant Nagar.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Factual Fiction- Guavas

Early Morning-
Man- Sir, Shall I pluck some guavas from your tree.
D- go ahead, pluck some.
Mid Day-
D, near a bank- How much are these guavas?
Man- Rs 10/ kg (or some random figure)
D- Bl00dy, you plucked these guavas from my house this morning. Are these "some" guavas?

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hair Cut Stages

Every Hair cut is done in the following stages-

Stage 1- You skim through all the styles in the catalogue- most of them with firang faces and imagine how each will look on you.

Stage 2- Give up and ask the stylist to guide you, giving your overall preferences which would normally be - desired length and whether you want something new or same cut.

Stage 3- The stylist advices you and describes a style that is suspiciously similar to the current one, even though they give a different name or bring out the subtle differences between current and future intended style.

Stage 4- You either agree to the intended cut murmuring a small prayer to the Almighty or command- just maintain the same style.

Stage 5- This is the most important & also dicey stage- the stylist clutches a small fraction of your hair and you watch in the mirror as he indicates this is the length he or she will remove. Now as objects appear closer than they really are in the car rearview mirror, hair length appears shorter than they really are in salon mirrors. If you agree to the visible length to be cut, mentally add atleast 10% to it for your hair will be shortened more than it's seen.

Stage 6- Washing/ Conditioning- fairly harmless

Stage 7- Cutting- fairly harmless again as long as you don't die in shock at the length of the hair cut off and don't panic and stop your stylist in the middle of the cutting. As they say, if r@pe is inevitable, just lie back and enjoy it, you leave everything to the Almighty & the stylist in question- knowing/ rather forcing yourself to believe that (s)he knows his/ her job the best and you the owner of the now fallen locks ought not to interfere in the process.

Stage 8- Drying- this is the stage when the stylist will comment how frizzy your hair looks and how your hair could benefit greatly using a particular brand of shampoo or conditioner. And then the said stylist will graciously add that since your hair is not so damaged, it's ok if you use just the conditioner- (see how much I have reduced your expenses by suggesting you take only the conditioner)

Stage 9- Reality Strikes- you look at yourself in the mirror, they hold a small mirror helpfully behind you so that you can see the lovely bounce in the back side but you may or may not end up looking as hot & glam as you imagined.

Stage 10- Escape- This is where you make a dash for it before the stylist weilds the promised conditioner bottle. If you shuffle your heels even a little, you are forced to go to ...

Stage 11- Where the stylist bring the bottle to you- which will normally be the one the salon is forced to use by the corporate decision makers, reads out all the benefits and hand you the bottle. You will look at it, read the labels armed with new found knowledge and then look up into the expectant face of the stylist willing you to ask you how much? Now this is not going to come cheap. If you are ok with it- ask for the price else just say not today,s ometime later and make a dash for it- before you register the disappointed look in the stylist's eyes.

The point of this post- I got a new haircut and while hubby laughed at me, I think I am liking it- It's getting better as the oodles of conditioner that was put is wearing off.

Monday, July 28, 2008

A Man's Ego

Is universal.
No man ever thinks or admits or accepts that his asset is "small"
So when Tejas is told- 'your "asset" is small'
He retaliates - "No, Big"
On any random occassion, they will make sure they remind me that their asset is "big"
So who am I to dispute! Anyway size is relative right?

Play & Feed a Hungry Person

Go to
Play their word game - improve your word power & in the bargain donate free rice to a hungry person.
Check the FAQs section
1 g of rice contains 48 grains
It takes 400g of rice to feed an average adult
Put their banner on your blog to spread the word

Try it - it's quite addictive

Friday, July 25, 2008

Bye Bye Mamma!

Every morning as Ojas & Tejas leave for school, I wave them bye bye from the door.
And then I rush to the window and call out and say bye again.
This Monday, they had to miss school because of stomach upset & sore throat. So I left for office and said my byes and closed the main door. As I was walking past in a great rush, a voice called out "Mamma"
I rushed back and saw Ojas standing at the window and waving- "bye"
A meltdown moment for me!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

On Why Am I going all Emotional

One Day they will grow up and there will be no more impromptu holding up of their arms and urging me- "mamma godi" (mamma lift me)
Or their casually coming and sitting on my lap without any second thoughts.
Or an obliging hug or a "puchch kissie"- kiss on the lips
Or the quarrel for mamma's lap or sleeping on mamma's tummy in the night.
Though we try to give equal share of love and attention to both Ojas & Tejas, there is no denying of the fact that while we parents get double the fun in bringing them up, their share of parent's attention and "me time" is halved by luck & design.
Cannot fault them for quarreling with each other & punching each other when one has bagged the lap and the other wants to sit too. Or disliking it when we try to lift both of them and give them a "double ride".
Last month they started school. I had to come to terms with the fact that there would be strangers taking care of my little babies. 3 hours each day they would be doing things about which I wouldn't know ever.
There will be day they may have to leave home/ city and move to a hostel and then onwards if they decide to work for someone. I have lots to let go off. Lots to learn. Lots to give up.
Their home, their parents will become one comforting base on whom or which to rely upon. Their roots to hold them on while they soar for newer horizons. Their homing nest while they explore the big wide world.
I will have to learn to set them free instead of clinging on to them in my selfish motherhood.
This post is to remind me to cherish each moment as they come by, to hold them and commit to memory (or blog memory), to indulge their childish simple requests becuase they would not be coming for long and to let go when the time comes and not hang on to the memories of past.
So when those arms go outstretched and the face is screwed in a ready-to-cry mode-if-mamma-refuses and the tiny mouth utters- "godi", I drop everything and oblige them and hug them to my chest. I savour the tiny, warm body clinging to me, I feel their tiny gallopping heart beats against me and hold them close, tightly, soaking in the feeling, committing to memory for posterity.
I wonder- when the principal is giving so much pleasure, what about the interest?
Fingers crossed!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Pearls of Wisdom

Life is not a dress rehearsal
borrowed from an M&B- yes great wisdom is prevalant in those hallowed pages!

Whether you eat a small bit of shit or a huge one- it is still shit
courtsey hubby

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

First Movie- 401st Post

Last Friday we took Ojas & Tejas to Jaane Tu - their first movie in a theatre- Mayajaal!
Dad had booked 4 tickets to mark the occassion, thinking that the theatre guys will kick the parents out & all only the kids in if we buy only 2 tickets. 1 more adult- Mausi was called in and the 4th seat for given to Ojas!
Ojas checked just in case- "no doctor?"- thinking for a moment we had taken them to the doctor.
The moment the lights were shut, and the movie started with the scary horse scene- Ojas started crying- ghummi chale pointing to the door and Tejas sank into Dadda's lap and averted his eys as far as possible away from the screen yet watched the screen with on eye partially hidden behind Dadda's arms- if it is possible, that is.
Ojas' heart was gallopping at the scary movie and the added discomfort of the Rs 140 seat closing on him, he was not enjoying it at all to Mamma's great sadness!
So Mamma picked him up and held him safe in her arms. The first half was spent like this inspite of Mamma trying to make Ojas dance to "pappu can't dance".
We bought popcorn at intermission and that cheered them up considerably. And then they sat upright and popped popcorn & watched the movie. Mausi had to buy another pack of popcorn which was not shared with the adults at all.
Anyway, I loved the Shah couple in their element & liked Arbaz & Sohail the best in the movie!
1 movie had them hooked. The entire weekend they were saying- movie chale?
We also watched Sholay with English subtitles- for hubby's sake on Sunday.
The subtitles do not do justice to dialogues like-
"Bahut yaraana hai?"
"Pichle saal jo jamna ki shaadi mein humlog chup chupa kay gaye the- usme ee khub nachi thee!" "Sardar bahut khus hoga! Sabaasi dega!"

Monday, July 21, 2008

Cafe Amethyst & Coffee World

Cafe Amethyst is located off Peter's road in a sprawling colonial style bunglow. We went by night and the trees in the garden were all decorated with serial lights, giving it a very festive look. The place is lovely- gives an out of the world feel.
A path bordered by potted plants leads to the door steps where one needs to wait to get seated.
The crowd is youth and foreigners and uncountable table spaces. We took the garden bench that was so hard on the butt that we had to change to round table with garden chairs that were so light that Ojas had a tough/ scary time - the chair was tipping to the front because he insisted sitting perched in the front.
We ordered chicken lollypops (quite shrivelled up miserable looking pieces), fruit salad- lousy quantity at criminal prices- a major portion taken over by uneatable sour black seeded grapes and a strawberry shake which was mercifully drinkable.
The place is ideal for a business meeting, youth hangout or a slow date as the servers hardly look in your direction, yet they are so busy that they are running around in a great rush.
The verdict is - go there for the experience, if you are not in a rush. Don't have huge expectations from the menu.
We also went to Pizza Corner's Coffee World in alwarpet.
I don't know I have never felt welcome at Pizza Corner. The decor is very bathroomish- white tiles, no warmth. The same was felt in the coffee place. Very cold, distant and sort of- finish your job and go. Coffee lounges should bring you together and not set you apart. The place is like that. Round tables which don't keep you together even if you are sitting side by side, large impersonal looking sofas, cold looking walls and uncarpeted floor.
The strawberry-guava crush was great tasting. The sandwiches were gigantic in proportion but the chicken was there in plenty but did not express itself well because of overcrowding by veggies & bread. But then I am finicky about my chicken. The chicken has to speak out loud and clear else I will not notice it.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Factual Fiction err Fact- Aroma

Delighted, she buried her nose into her child's hair and inhaled deeply, over and over again- almost as if she was an addict.
It did not have the typical sweet, baby smell.
Nor did it smell like the J&J shampoo she used on him daily.
Said she, as she inhaled yet again into the smoky, mouthwatering aroma of barbecue fare they had enjoyed a little while ago.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

And Now Maternity becomes a Career Hazard

CV's of women at childbearing age get binned...
Pregnant women lose promotion chances...
Employers wary of employing women who may marry & leave or get pregnant and take a long break...
And now this blatant statement that it is a career hazard.
It screams discrimination to say the least.
I think it's time we women stop being apologetic about being pregnant.
Instead, we should be worshipped for bing nice enough to bring into this world and take the pains of rearing the future workforce of the world.

Fine discriminate at your risk-
- Studies say a diverse workforce including women bring in more diverse thinking or approach to the problem. Also lends a competitive edge calling for more participation from either gender in a diversified situation.
-Studies also hint at women being more stable employees and men top job ditchers, also women negotiate less and thereby companies face less loss of time & resources for replacement search, training and settling down before they actively contribute to the new job.
- Are corporates willing to give up 50% of their workforce contributing to the GDP? Considering the overall office/ house/ child rearing work women do, they are mor
-Some industries like mine actually regard women as better suited to the job than men - especially the roles that require creative thinking and ideation for FMCG products as they have more women focused approach to brand building.
- On a tangent, Imagine the film/ Television industry without women in the workforce?- What would we do without our dose of saas- bahu drama- Watch Sasur-Damaad drama or what? No way!
-On a lighter note,
-the ad/ modelling industry would suffer greatly if there were no women advertising their cars/ cigarettes/ male grooming products etc.
-we would have only male gyneacs! when the preference is largely for female
Heartening to note that someone in Corporate India is luring more women in the workforce

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Patna is all Flooded

and my sister is stranded there!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Another Org@&m1c Fare

The guava souffle at Barbecue nation- worth to die for!
Replicates a just ripe pink guava and because it's all flavour- it does justice, no honour to the natural guava. Sweet, smooth, and very pink, Se*y I must say!
also look at
Nutrichoice multigrain cracker from Britannia- a lovely blue & green pack with the richest ever natural honey flavour- and what size of the biscuit- (exaggeration alert) just like a thappad- slap! huge- the size of a palm - well almost
A pack of 6 (100g) sells at Rs 18 and a pack of 12 in a resealable box with individual snack packs sells for Rs 40.
Must eats
Sunfeats Golden Bakes butterscotch etc
Goodday Classic range- butterscotch, honey raisin, choco

Monday, July 14, 2008

Factual Fiction- Restaurant Chair

The group stood waiting for the table to be cleaned.
She was busy doing quick calculations. If she takes the chair in the far corner, she might be isolated from the group and miss out the fun gossip. If she sits in the middle, the kids might sit one on each side and she would end up handling both kids - holding their juices in each hand and get to sip her drink only if she bent and drank from the straw without holding the glass.
If she takes this corner, someone might ask her to shift inside so that (s)h could occupy the corner seat.
So she waited for atleast one or two people to make their decisions and start sitting so that she could take the most appropriate seat.
Looks like she is going to lose the game again.
One couple sat next to each other. The hubby moved to the opposite side and one of the kids occupied the seat next to him.
Looks like she will have generations X & Generation Next for company yet again.
Before anybody could get settled, she blurted out to her husband-
Sit next to me, I might just get jealous of the other couple sitting together romantically.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

I was on a High

The whole of Friday evening and part of Saturday, just because we did a mini blogmeet-
with Sue& R and IBH at my place.
I had Sue met before and was all eager to see R, who turned out to be a real doll! a very quite (it seemed) and outgoing child who tried his best to feed potato chips to Ojas & Tejas. I was hoping he would succeed where I have failed!
IBH & I had spoken over the phone and she sounded really smart & interesting. Well, I was not disappointed. She is a very interesting, gregarious and chatty lady.
We talked and talked into the evening and the 3 of us made the most noise compared to the 3 kids who formed individual groups of their own in the living room- as usual Ojas & Tejas fiercly guarding their tricycles much to my shame.
It was so strange that we were not running out of topics to discuss. Sue has written in detail what we did. We discussed our work, the hectic life, our dreams & ambitions, our kids and their strange milestones of self discovery.
Thanks Sue for the puzzles & IBH for the chocolates. Both were devoured with equal pleasure

Friday, July 11, 2008

For the New Dads/ Dads in Waiting

While we are on the subject of advice, pregnancy, PPD and the works in some forum, I came upon an older post of mine in draft. I found it to be extremely angsty and therefore I had never published it. So I am giving the post a 360 degree makeover and turning it into an advisory list from a certified rant.
On a side note, this worries me- if I am making posts out of archived thoughts, am I running out of ideas? Does it mean I am not expanding my knowledge but converging towards past wisdom?
Anyway, I digress...
So this is for New Dads & Dads to be- I have taken up your cause before so now for some words of wisdom from women who have been through it before.

1. You (and everyone else) would have treated your pregnant wife like royalty and the moment the kid is born all attention will naturally gets directed to the kid. While this is normal, you as her husband and soulmate must, in no circumstance forget that she is your first priority. Otherwise you would undo all the good work done by you during the pregnancy. She might, in a fit of anger just turn back and accuse that you did it for your selfish interests- the child(ren).
2. Post pregnancy, whether CSec or normal delivery a mother is exhausted and requires a care taking equated to 6 months of illness.
Imagine getting up after hours of gruelling labour or waking up few hours post any surgery and going about the business of feeding/ cleaning/ comforting a newborn. Yes, a mother forgets all about her pains & well deserved rest and sets to look after the child right away. Can you even think of doing it?
So make it up to her. Offer a helping hand as often as possible. Be part of the process and proactive rather than a casual bystander helping whenever convenient.
3. Give her emotional support
Talk to her, spend time with her, especially if she is cooped in a room nursing the baby and the rest of the household is laughing, gossiping and joking away in the living room. Don't treat her as a baby making and nurturing machine. She is still a living, breathing, full blooded woman who is your wife first and then a mother. It doesn't hurt to ask her how was her day or what did you do the entire day in office, whom did you meet or update her with the latest.
4. Let her have her space- with herself, her thoughts etc.
people tend to crowd a new mother with their advice, presence and constant talk. Keep a watch and disengage such people when you feel it is becoming a "too much". She will be unable to blatantly tell people to push off because all of them are well meaning people who have come to bless the baby(ies).
5. Contribute to the home management
bunking maids, messy home, unwashed clothes, nappies, folding washed clothes, filling water bottles, other hygiene issues that the wife is expected to be done. Find alternative support or pitch in yourself. Remember she is on a full time job now unlike your part time office work
6. The new born(s) will wake up many times in the night.
Even if you have to go on work next day, you must work out a schedule where in you take turns to wak up and check the nappy before handing over to her for feeding. Imagine being rudely woken up everytime you try to sleep- this happens to her the entire day- morning & night.
6. Be by her side if anyone critisizes her
The baby does not always fall sick because of the mother's diet, bath schedule etc.
7. Make time for her. Insist that she gets a break
Take her for a romantic dinner, movie etc
8. A welcome home / thank you gift (for giving you the baby(ies) ) would be a nice touch.
9. She might yell and lose her cool for no reason with you or ILs or anybody else
Be her sounding board without quarreling/ arguing back (This comes from wise Sue in another forum)
10. Take off from work from time to time just for spending time with her and the baby(ies)
11. She may not cook anymore.
Don't throw a tantrum for that
12. There is something called Post Partum Depression
see 10, 9, 7,6,4,3 above
13. Make it a rule to not go out and socialize without her
it makes her feel all the more left out. She might encourage you to go alone but refuse vehemently saying you will not go without her!
14. With the multiple changes in her body, her self esteem may reach an alltime low
Give her mental/moral/emotional/physical boost
Do post your PPD memories on my comment space or send me the links for me to make our case stronger

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ojas Tejas Speak

Get it Right Mamma will you?
Me- Will you have noodles? Showing them pasta thinking they will not know it is pasta.
Ojas/ Tejas- This no doondles this is pasta!
Ojas- No touch, Ojas legs chot (bruise)
Tejas- no touch hands chot (bruise) obviously faking
A,B, C, 1, 2, 3
Grandma has taught them to recognize the alphabets & numbers and all of a sudden I find them recognizing them correctly.
I have written their names on the underside of their school waterbottles.
Both recognize the pattern and therefore can pick the right bottle just looking at it.
Ultimately Mamma Wins
Out of the so many songs in their nursery song book, both have picked up 1 each as their favourite.
And both songs are in Hindi. (yay)
We got their passport size photos done. Both will pick up their own photo and kiss it.
Hands Off
Dadda gets a royal beating by Ojas if he so much as lays a finger on Mamma.
Just by the tone of my or hubby's voice they can understsand correctly whom we are talking to. The moment Ojas realizes that I am talking to my brother, he tells- dekhe mamu phone and then "slaps" on the phone saying Mamu, pitti!
Me- will you eat paratha (that I had made this morning)
Tejas- yes
Mamma gives the parathas 1 each in their hand
Tejas- Garam karo (heat it)
Mamma micro heats it
Tejas- garam ho gaya, thanda karo (it's too hot, cool it)
Mamma- cools it
Tejas- ab plate layo (now, bring plate)
Mamma gets 1 plate and keeps on the table, hoping they will rest the parathas on the plate while working on their puzzle
Ojas keeps his paratha in the plate and Tejas tells- ab another plate layo (now get another plate)
After a while.
Tejas returns the paratha- again garam karo (heat it again)
Mamma heats it
Tejas- garam ho gaya
Keeps it back in his plate and forgets about it
Pronunciation Problem
They pronounce swim as "Sim"
So I was copying them and said "Sim"
Tejas- aise nahin "sim", "Sim bolo". Correct karo
Until I said "swim" he (im)patiently kept on correcting me

In all Politeness

A firang kid was trying to bully Tejas and was pushing him while the 2 were watching the fish at Promenade. While Mamma was spluttering from her seat- give him back, don't let him bully you, Ojas went and stood behind Tejas in full support.

And when the kid pushes Ojas, he coolly puts his palm up and says- "Wait"

Quick to Pick

I am trying to bring out the difference between book & notebook

You should not write on book, you should write in notebook

Ojas- Mamma give me Nota-book

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Benefits of School

1. The routine is set- wake up at 6.30-7.00 am, brush, eat, poop, bath, go to school, back home, lunch, sleep, milk, play, dinner, sleep at 8.30-9.00 pm

2. Potty routine is set to morning instead of how it used to be either anytime, or weekend no potty or Tejas in the morning & Ojas at night. Gives me a lot of peace of mind because I don't have to worry about they doing it in school bcause they have not really larnt to confess that they want to do potty when they are outside their home. Also, now I can go out in peace if they have done their potty as per their fixed times. Sigh!

3. Mealtimes are fixed the only hitch being they do not eat their tiffin that I pack.

4. They are ready to go and sleep around 8.30 pm nowadays.

5. We managed to do an outing after making them sleep one week - night! Gives me some hope- we could catch up with a movie someday maybe.

6. I have become disciplined now- no late nights, wake up on time and get things done. No TV too though barring the mornings when I put compulsory music channel.

7. I get some peaceful half an hour after they leave for school & before I leave for work.

8. I feel more useful and get a great sense of satisfaction that I am doing things for them

9. While quantity time together lacks because I am working, I appreciate the truly quality time we spend together- multitasking & making use of every waking moment- doing puzzle while eating or reading in bed or singing in bed or dancing together during weekends.

10. Less of passive TV for the kids because 1st half is spent in school and they now go to bed early.

Meanwhile, brother joins 1st job today

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The Missing Counsel

Case- DIL vs rest of the ILs
Advice to DILs- been given and argued out in many forums
Here comes the rest of the counsel
Disclaimer- This is not my experience. It is collective wisdom gathered over a period of time
To all the forward thinking ILs- This is not meant to insult you. This is in answer to many households who believe that the advice doled out bears merit

1. It is not enough to just welcome the DIL with open arms into the household on the day of marriage in front of everybody. One must also make her feel welcome and part of the family through and through.
-So if you give her the master bedroom with the only attached bathroom during the first week of her stay- continue to do that, because the newly weds would need that more than the rest of the family needs it.
-If you feel it is not right for her to cook for the entire household during the first few days, continue to feel so because after 3 days she will not morph into a cooking machine. The rest of the household should move their backside and do their bit in helping out as much as possible.
-If you encourage the newly weds to go out alone for their honeymoon or to catch a movie, do not frown on them if they want to continue doing that without taking the lot of you with them.
2. The DIL is now the Chief Executive of the house. The rest of you can be board members/ (senior) directors if you may please. You play the role of advisory but it is upto the CEO to execute. Remember, once again, the CEO is the ultimate decision maker. The rest of you are advisory and refrain from unsolicited advice unless it's really crucial for you to speak up. If so, do it tactfully. Do not hurt the feelings. This is like a relay race. You got to pass the baton if you want to ultimately emerge a winner as a team. Else you remain static and do not progress.
-Where the DIL goes and whom she visits is upto her. Do not question or prevent
-Trust the CEO- you have voted her in so you would have seen some qualities in her worthwhile to your household.
-Do not compete for her post. You are past your prime. Take Voluntary Retirement before you are unceremoniously thrown out.
3. Support the DIL at all times especially in the initial stages. It will reap more rewards than you can think of.
-So if you feel your son or brother is being unfair to the wife, do not hesitate to protest and make him see sense. It is easier to get back into the good books of your son/ brother than the DIL.
-In an unfortunate event of you becoming a witness to any quarrel between the couple, either scoot or support the DIL. Why? See above in red or go to this link.
4. The DIL is the certified better half of the son. So now stop behaving as you have the complete right over him
-Do not hog his time. Forget about late night chats with him. If it has to happen, it has to be done strictly in the DIL's presence.
-Allow the couple to cozy on together in privacy in shared resources like the sofa, TV, car, garden etc. Give them space. You could tactfully walk away into your own room when the son/ DIL come home after a long day at work instead of pouncing on them immediately
-Allow the DIL to talk of relevant events of the day to her husband instead of you being the mouthpiece. You can be the mouthpiece for your own husband.
-Do not butt in if the couple talk something to each other. If it had been of any conseuqence to you, they would have involved you. Probably they are discussing something that is too embarassing for you to listen to. So mum's the word
5. If you want to eat something specific- make it yourself. Don't expect the DIL to magically know how you like your food made.
- if your son likes a specific recipe do not nag the DIL to make it - if you wanted him to eat that same food all the time, you should have taught him how to make it.
6. If you find your son romantically helping out the DIL, do not crib or taunt on how he never helped you. Blame it on your managment skills and crawl back into your hole.
-don't pretend that the tyrant DIL is overworking your poor son and start lending him a helping hand. I repeat, crawl back into your hole.
7. Whenever you buy a gift for the couple, ensure that the gift for the DIL is equal in stature or value to what you give your son.
-rerfain from giving cheap unbranded stuff, sale stuff or dowdy or fake clothes. Nothing but the real thing for the real gem of DIL who is coming to grace your home.
8. Your DIL is the representative of your house. Do not sit and gossip with neighbours of her age now.
-As I said, back off into your hole or den or whatever you wish to call it.
9. You make a fool of yourself if you compete with DIL in domains where your skill sets are low.
-It makes better sense to tell yourself- I am not competing.
10. She is the DIL. She is not a cleaning machine to pick up wet towels, put your dirty laundry in the machine, stash away smelly shoes, make beds, switch off lights, fan, gas or taps after all of you.
-Remember the mantras
- each one for oneself
-do unto others as they do unto you- so if you want your DIL to pick up after you, you lead by example- pick up after her first.
11. And finally, don't try to force fit your grandchildren's looks/ behaviour to your side of the family. Remember she is the mother who bore the child for 40 weeks. It is nature's way of ensuring that the child has to take after the mom in some way or the other.
-Since you cannot beat them(nature), join them. Sing profusely how the child is just like the mother. It will reap more rewards than you can think of.

Edited to add

a smart MIL pheonix Ritu adds her counsel

I quote from her and applaud...
You have handed over your son to his wife. She is his first priority - not you. So chill okay. If he spends more time with her, dont sulk. If they do want to go out with you or spend time with you, they would come and be with you. Its their zamana, not yours. Plus at this age, you would not survive their pace, their food, their loud music. Notice I said “their” They are a team now, you are the bystander. Accept it.
Lastly and most importantly ….. Be nice to the girl your son brings home - remember that she is the one who will be around when you are old and frail. Also she is the mother of the grandchildren you hope to pamper.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Kiss of a Perfume

A woman should wear fragrance wherever she expects to be kissed
said Coco Chanel
A perfume ought to enter the room with you and leave a mild lingering trail when you leave the room- not like people smell you before they see you and feel your heavy cloying presence long after you have left the room!
My first memories of perfume dates back to the time I must have been about 8-10.
- My grandma's complaint that Grandpa always picks up a Charlie! To date I do not know why because I do not really like that fragrance.
- the crisp and warm smell of Old Spice that Dad used in his younger days
- Mom's Opium by YSL- I still love that perfume sweet, spicy, powdery.
It must be the past link that made me love heavy, oriental, warm, woody and spicy fragrances like- Poem, Obsession, Organza, Ysatis along with florals like in the initial years of my career in the "scent company". I would swear by these styles and my liking reflected in my choice for most fragrance projects.
I was told that once you start really appreciating the structure of a chypre fragrance you have arrived. It is a structure that really grows on you- you need to learn to appreciate it rather than naturally like it I suppose. I took nearly 3 plus years to appreciate and like sophisticated chypres and the more modern transparent/ fresh/ watery fragrances.
I fell in love with
-Knowing, Gucci Rush, Miss Dior and Arden Beauty & Pleasures.
-Flower by Kenzo, Miracle & Sensi for their feminine floral accords.
I inducted hubby into the chypre family with Kouros and Paco Rabane so that I get to smell them everyday as he is a liberal user of "scent"
My legacy of love for perfumes and the way my nose flares up as any wanted or unwanted odour drifts past me is passed on genetically to Ojas & Tejas-
- They raise their arms to be liberally sprayed with deo everytime hubby uses it
-they mention- smell -whenever they suddenly get a bad/ good smell

Friday, July 04, 2008

Lingerie Lessons

Just when you thought that you know of all the uses of lingerie, here comes this study that talks of how there is more to this garment than meets the eye
A friend who worked in a lingerie factory once enlightened me about how complicated the manufacturing of innerwear is, infact I visited Intimate Fashions factory and was absolutely itching to lay my hands on them- may be grab a consignment before they got shipped and take them all home with me.
Giving the well deserved respect to the complications of manufacturing, the milestones that most women pass through while lingerie buying would be-
1. The first time- bought by mom & given to be worn
2. The first independent purchase
3. Innerwear for the Trousseou
4. Innerwear used during pregnancy
5. After pregnancy
6. Chasing-the-mirage-stage- waiting to be back to normal
7. Deeply-regret-vital statistics-is-permanently-altered stage
So I woke up one morning and realized that stage 7 has crept upon me and it's time I stop hanging on to the relics from the past and take the bold leap.
So I walk in to the Chennaite's destination for Lingrie wear- Naidu Hall- give a glance towards the pukeworthy styles displayed along with the clueless saleswomen and drive straight out to Globus. I brace myself for the long hours in the trial room exprimenting with various arbit designs and styles until I find a few styles that suit & fit me.
Enter the apparently clueless but seemingly expert innerwear consultant who is eager to guide me during my purchase. I dismissively mention her my preferences and needs and she gives me the most expensive and delicate looking pieces in vibrant and feminine colors to try- just for size. For the first time in life I note that they actually fit well. Delighted I ask for similar styles at half the price or less because I am habituated to think in the larger picture terms-how does the price compare to a kurta or a top or any other outerwear. Out came the most behenji style unflattering pieces in standard black, white & tan guaranteed to turn the man off if something naughty is on the agenda. No laces, no frills, no fancy but still cost as much as a Fab India short top or men's kurta- just putting things in perspective.
As I often say- no amount of professional training can work in real life situations- we are all just common consumers and we behave like one even though our formal training teaches us various arts of negotiation and marketing gimmicks. So the lingerie consultant practiced her consumer behavious skills on me who was a very easy target- she played on my obvious attraction for bright, cheerful colours and prints and laces and slyly suggested that I buy a few ordinary ones and just 1 or 2 "horribly" expensive ones for occassion/special occassions. Now the cool me who is definitely not over the hill just because she is a mamma of 2 and plans to age in style played right into the trap and did an impulse purchase of various colours/ styles/ prints/ material of innerwear.
For the first time, I was explained while buying, on what styles would be right for me. I did no random trials but every piece she gave me was deliberately selected keeping in mind that I am on stage 7 of the buying stages.
I finished in less than an hour and that was my most satisfactory experience in innerwear buying.
Coincidentally the saleswoman's name was Juliet (local undies manufacturer!)

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Bloggers Meet @ Fruit Shop @ Greams Road

Yes we did it- finally a large enough gathering.
As discussed bringing the kids in was optional and since Kowsalya & Nisha said they are bringing theirs, Tharini was mentioning that our hero Winkie could possibly make it and I was sure that Anush would definitely not come without bringing her Mom Art , how could I be left out?
So I took Ojas & Tejas along and reached a good 15 minutes after 4 pm because a meltdown was staged right before leaving home. I walk in to see Nisha & Tharini like old friends in deep conversation and Art all over the place with Anush. It didn't take me long to recognize Nisha because of the pic she had shared on our Mom- group.
Kowsalya walked in without the kid and while we were wondering who she was because we usually connect the Moms by the kid's face, Tharini exclaims- oh this is Kowsalya!
Amidst snap taking & juice ordering Minka & Bubbles made an entry with a huge bag of goodies in tow. Bubbles and not just Bubbles but also his mother were truly bubbly. We moms struggled hard to seat all 4 kids and face the camera long enough to get a perfect picture for the blog - the things we do for the sake of our blog posts!
Sometimes I feel I really don't make full use of the blog meets. There was so much I wanted to talk and share but did not. Perhaps one hour is not enough. We know the blog persona so deeply that we don't know where to start and which topic to choose. Sometimes I don't want to confuse and reconcile the blog persona & real life persona at all!
Ojas & Tejas thank Bubbles for the lovely gifts- a dress up puzzle- this is a set of 2, 10 piece each puzzle that has shots of a boy & a girl dressing up (for school). You need to fit them in series. The kids loved it. And off course a play dough which is anyway a big hit- you can never have enough play dough sets I feel. The more the better!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Round Table

It's official. We are round-tablers now. We got formally inducted into the round table of Pondy yesterday ie- Hubby received the round table badge & I joined the circle (ladies arm). A motley group of 3 round tables came together for the AGM meeting last night at GRT Pondy. The circle I belong to was extremely friendly group of ladies who were even taking care of the kids every time I went for a plate refill- which I assure you guys, was many. Only once did the 2 kids manage to slip their way out of the doors and walked upstairs out of the hotel. They managed to be extremely quiet when confronted witha round tabler and just said Mamma- inspite of recognizing all the 3 languages that the poor guy spoke trying to find out what they were looking for outside. A pair of psyched Mom & Dad were located with the Mom shrilly screaming out for the escapees.
Our table/ circle is involved in community activities related to education- providing notebooks, constructing school toilets etc.
The kids & I had my fill of fish/ chicken starters, paneer starters, juice and a hbral/ basil pasta at the pasta counter and a chocolate cake. While poor hubby who was busy networking had to make do with pasta and a drink only along with leftover icecream which the kids asked for and did not eat.
A good sociable crowd of synamic, friendly and fun loving guys whose main motto is friendship.
On a side note- as we were coming out of the hotel, self spotted a pair of girls dressed in short skirts and tops and commented- wish these girls were part of the table- they would have added some more jazz to the already hip crowd.
Pat came the reply from hubby- not table- bed!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Promenade on Pondy

Located right on the Pondicherry beach it has an out of the world sensation.
A selection of 2 dining areas- 1 buffet / ala carte & another right on the roof top- aptly named lighthouse.
An aquarium of oblivious fish for kids to be occupied and a safe roof top area puts minds of tired parents at ease- friendly though seemingly clueless waiters don't mind ferrying the kids round.
The menu was supposedly Italian style- I ordered a tandoori chicken set menu and malai kababs for the kids. But no, the kids were busy polishing off the spicy papads, downing them with sips of water- papads which were actually too hot for my taste. I also took a walnut brownie with chocolat sauce.
Hubby took a paneer set menu- never got round to tasting his though.
They also serve Indian food for the ground floor kitchen.
The service is excrutiatingly slow for a hungry tummy. But that's the idea here- food doesn't seem to be the main agenda- it's the ambience & the drinks probably.
I would rather go for the spread where in I may have a pick of the larger menu.

And Drumroll please....

I hav clocked 10000 today at kathipara junction around 10.15 this morning.

Three cheers for my Swift car!

And yes guys- yesterday I bribed the petrol bunk at Indra Nagar Rs 100 for full tank- else they were willing to fill only for Rs 500 - now thi sis what I call making the most of the public panic created because of the strike.