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Monday, August 08, 2016

My guest post on Kiran's blog

Making Every Word Count

The journey of a writer perhaps begins with the first alphabet that one writes, haltingly, painstakingly, with a hopeful parent or a no-nonsense teacher holding and guiding the hand. Each day of the hallowed journey teaches a new word and the discovery of these exciting words provides an inexplicable delight. Slowly but surely as the love for the written word sets in deeper, a wordsmith is born.


My interview at Writerstory

What inspired you to start writing?I have always been fascinated with the beauty of words, the way they sound when read or spoken, themanner in which each word is a concept in itself and how a single word here or there could create a sea change in the implication of a sentence. In school, I loved writing short stories in English tests and wrote a few articles for my school magazine. I never imagined that ordinary people like us can write books but when I saw a lot of friends publish books, I thought I must try my hand at it too.