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Friday, January 22, 2010

Do You Like Green Eggs and Ham

That Sam-I-am
Asked another man.
I do not like green eggs and ham
Said the unnamed man
But persisted Sam
Suggesting places where to eat
And "rhyming" partners to share the treat

image courtsey

So Read the book to find if this Sam-I-am
Made "him" like Green eggs & ham

A Gift from ArtNavy
This 50 word cumulative tale is a bit crazy
Composed in Verse
By Dr Suess
A delight to my kids
And they fill in the bits
As I read out this tale
With aplomb as I regale!


Artnavy said...

glad the kids liked it

try cat in the hat and one fish two fish as well next

nice rhyme there :-))

Sue said...


I first encountered it at their age, I think. Great book.

Itchy, for you I recommend The Sleep Book. It really does send one to sleep!

Saya said...

I also love 'Oh the Places you'll go' by Seuss

Itchingtowrite said...

thanks guys!
will try these one by one

BookChook said...

Another one I think your kids would like is Are You My Mother? by P.D.Eastman. Jut gorgeous, and also an easy to read book.

Rachel said...

I bought 'Cat in the Hat' recently as I had heard so much about it. My daughter loved it. But my sense is - you should really take some time to choose the right title for your child. My daughter didnt like all of them (I read out one in her library - you can read with your eyes closed)

Name said...

Great Rhymes for kids.Artnavy you also provided the best rhymes.