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Thursday, January 28, 2010

While on the Topic of Education

My latest initiative with the kids is spellings.
They are showing an interest in learning spellings.
Borrowing my SIL's idea, I have made word cards.
Each card has the words - D O O R, BOOKS, YELLOW etc written in block letters with crayons and taped to the respective place like room door, book shelf, wall etc. The premise is that with repetitive sight -words reading they will learn to read. The colours make it easy to recall apart from being attractive.
I am treting the cupboard as a rolling learning point- I will paste 2 new words every week on the cupboard while the other object words will be fixed.
Now the best part-
Tejas began to read the letters and forming the words as soon as he saw them put up.
Ojas - Tejas, see colours.
They are indeed consistent.
A couple of years back when they started doodling- Tejas would try to doodle alphabets and Ojas would draw objects!
Clearly their line of focus is very evident.


Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

That is a good move. I've been doing that using Tulika series and because of the font size and the creative way words are presented, my kid is also getting familiar with spellings. I think I should follow your approach and be more organized.


Hey! That's a nice idea! Will try them on my girl when she is ready!

Saya said...

What fun to have diverse points of view in the same household