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Friday, January 08, 2010

Out of the Mouth of Kids

While on the topic of B@l@tk@rs et al, ..........

The family watching the stylish Shanti serial in DD
Dialogue from boodhi maa- uss Kamesh ko maaf nahin karoongi (or something to that effect)... usne mera B@l@tk@r kiya. so on and so forth- repeat 7723 times in a space of 30 minutes
Kid of the family perplexed & intrigued- yeh upkar kya hota hai?

On the radio the song plays- Towel mein bahar jaogi to halla mach jaega
Kid of the family whose hindi vocab is definitely very strong- yeh Sawan mein bahar jane se halla kyon mach jaega
She- relieved- because everyone will start screaming- you will get wet and fall sick if you go out in the rain

And cut to present
Mamma- when doctor cut your stomach and took Ojas & Tejas out and stitched you- did it hurt you?
Mamma- in an attempt to not gross them out- offcourse not- doctor gave medicine so that it did not pain at all. Quickly adds- but offcourse it will pain if you do it at home and all. Only doctors should do it in the hospital.


Anonymous said...

You sure got your hands full, don't you?

Anonymous said...

Oh by the way, that's me Ramit, from your earlier comments. :)

Pri said...

LOL!! the things kids say!! :D

dipali said...