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Monday, January 08, 2007

My Eating Expeditions

The obvious perks about being in a taste industry are that you get to sample a wide variety of products from various countries without spending one pie from your pocket. If you are hungry you can walk up uninvited to the lab of your choice and sample a product without appearing to be greedy. After all, you are not eating, but tasting and testing. You must love food and be regarded as a connoisseur. There is nothing wrong in professing a love of food in this industry as your skills will be often utilized in tasting new developments. If you want to eat specific food or fruits you can start a proactive development exercise and go to that Chinese joint or that juice centre to sample the dishes.
While Fragrance industry took me to a world of exotic scents and a dreams, the Flavour industry provides gastronomic delights.
Some of the new products that I have sampled and recommend are-

Cadbury celebrations cake, Cadbury Flake bar, Cadbury Praline Cakes –Orange Flavour- All various cakes with chocolate coating- amazing, rich taste- you can have just one at a time- it’s so rich. The praline variety is amazingly crunchy.
Jaffa orange cake- Cake enrobed in orange jam and chocolate. The chocolate can be pulled apart in a flat layer exposing the jam and the cake.
• Kellogs K-time Apple muffin bar – individually wrapped apple flavoured muffins.
• Tesco’s Coffee Cream Cake- coffee flavoured cake with coffee cream- you could give the cream a pass but the cake overall has a very rich taste
• Tasted a locally sold UK brand of Coffee flavoured chocolate called Coffee Chocolate – bitter-sweet combination, one of the few chocolates that do not leave the intense sweet after taste
Oreo cookie- despite the hype, I did not like it. May be I got an old stock or maybe my taste buds do not appreciate it. I like the sunfeast or the Pure magic chocolate better
• Parle Xhale Strong Mints- Since it’s sugarfree it’s great for the calorie conscious. It has cooling properties and I felt that I was having an ice-chip in my mouth.


Anonymous said...

This post made me yearn for some dessert!I love the orange flavored chocolate bars,I haven't tasted the cadbury one but lindt has a great awesome orange and dark chocolate bar which tastes heavenly.I don't like Oreos that much too.Coffee flavoured cake with coffee cream sounds yummy..I love anything flavored with coffee.I have tasted the coffee flavored chocolate,I like the bitter sweet combination.Not a big fan of muffins though.Cadbury praline one sounds good! are in dessert heaven!what I would give to be in your shoes:)

Anonymous said...

I would to do that job... I am a big fan of Chocolate and Coffee. So most of the dishes you have mentioned sounds yummy... I love Oreo....

Something to Say said...

o thank God I am allergic to chocolates..... you were making me want your job :)

Anonymous said...

Coffee and chocolate tasting sounds like a great job. Did you eat the Oreos the adult way or the kid way? The kid way is to twist them apart, scrap the filling off with your teeth and eat it, then eat the outer waffers one at a time. They go great with ice cold milk.

Anonymous said...

I am ready to take up your job the day you decide to resign!!!!!

I am anyhting for coffee!!!! Give it to me in any form, shape or texture!!!! At any time of the day!!!!! :D

Itchingtowrite said...

fuzzy- dessert heaven is good but dont know what havoc it splaying on my wasted waist line
kk- i love choc too.
alan- i always eat choc biscuits the kids way!
something to say- how abt savoury snacks! we hav division that deal with that too! drool away!
coffee- most welcome. we will create a job for u!!

ankurindia said...

lol now everyone wants your job

Anonymous said...

Man!!!!I just dont wanna have your job...I will be tasting away stuff to glory...all day long, and come home with a guilty heart and flabby tummy :( :D

Anonymous said...

my comment not showing- UPGRADE pl

do not like orange

cookie man best for cookies but i think i will like all the coffee- chocolately stuff u have been tasting

Has to be me said...

Man what a lovely job! Pls lemme know if theres any vacancy!!! ;) I like oreo esp the dark chocolate flavour! :)

Usha said...

There is a job like this and it is for "real" and they pay you to do it!
God, how lucky can some people get!