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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Ranganna The Elephant Who Loved Colours

Ranganna is a cute blue coloured baby elephant who lives on the dhobi ghat.

He loves colours in all forms, colours of the rainbow, the colourful clothes laid out to dry on the dhobi ghat and the colorful flowers around him.

Two little girls often come to play with him and he is fascinated by their colourful clothes and also their pretty painted nails.

On a whim, he decided that he wished to apply nailpolish too and this seemed too strange for the little girls, however not impossible.

Did Ranganna get to apply nailpolish on his nails?
What colour did he choose among the array of pretty colours?

The book, true to its subject is a riot of colours. A small town diaspora complete with dhobi ghat, temple and the populace is recreated in the illustrations and the story.

Arthi in her unique style churns out this delightful and simple tale of colours and their vibrancy through the loving elephant Ranganna. The language is simple and lucid.

Kavita Singh Kale's illustrations are magical and well defined as usual.

The expressions are well captured from ecstasy of Ranganna upon seeing the delightful colours and shy yet covet looks when he spoke his heart's desire to get his toes painted.

I happened to read both the English and Hindi versions and found that the translation did not affect the flow of the story at all.

Title- Ranganna
Author- Arthi Anand Navaneeth
Illustrator- Kavita Singh Kale
Translated in Hindi by- Sushma Ahuja
Price- Rs 135
Publisher- Tulika


Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

I've always loved the kind of books that Tulika publishers bring out for kids. Thanks for this recco. Am planning to go get some for my nephew!

Tulika Publishers said...

Thank you, ITW and Swapna!