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Friday, December 10, 2010

Dastakar Exhibition at Kalakshetra

Is Back. The last one happend in Jan 2010. So we get 2 exhibitions this year and I don't know why it makes me so happy! Needless to mention, I had been waiting for January so that I could go there but then all of a sudden it was upon us and all thoughts of visiting it had to be put off due to the ceaseless cyclone rain.
Tuesday, I managed to go there.

I asked the kids before leaving-
Do you want to go to the exhibition or play here itself.
Now such a question is guaranteed to give an answer that looks like- we want to play here.
I was tempted to add some vile description of an exhibition but the kids took the bait easily.

So Mom & I rushed to Kalakshetra since we were already 4 days late and all the good stuff would have been sold and parked as close as possible to the entrance so that we could gain early entry advantage - every second counts when you have to get into the shops.

The theme for the year is Akshara- the script and there is lovely calligraphy work done by various states on various medium like cloth, pottery, cushion covers etc. I would have loved to pick every one of them but I have serious lack of space in my home.

I loved a huge with gods embroidered on it on a cloth backing.
Like a true blue blogger, I wanted to carry my camera and take lots of pictures. But shopping tops blogging at any point of time so I didn't. But I urge you to go here and see all the pictures you want. It covers the entire exhibition beautifully.

I picked up a lovely kurta from the Bengal stall, a pair of Haryanvi chappals with mirror work & embroidery, colourful metal bangles, a set of coasters & 3 trays (Mom's gift), Jute placemats. Not many but I guess there is only so much you can buy when there is no manouvering space in your home even.
The exhibition is on till 13th for those who might want to go.
And perhaps I could go again and check out the dress materials- look at them statewise and select what is missing from my wardrobe. No no, I am just going to look.

Or shall I pick up the blocks - for the sake of art- even if I am never going to print my own cloth. Perhaps I will just take the contact details of the stall owner. That way, even if I do not buy anything, I have an option of contacting him and buying later. Believe me, it gives you a lot of security- just knowing that you have the leads on where to buy something.
What about the lovely watermelon coasters I was drooling at or the rajasthani mirror work coasters - nah, I am not going to spend Rs 450 on coasters. The watermelon ones would have been over by now- and what of the ones that I have already bought? At this rate, I will have to buy new sofas & tables to accomodate all the coasters I want to buy

Clocks- lovely artistic clocks and my current clock has packed up- lemme give an honest shot at getting it repaired because I really really love the clock. And it matches with my wall.
I may just peek into the Delhi kurta stall- They were Rs 750 a piece and I turned my nose down at them but then the designs.. the designs. I also have to collect the shop owner's address so that I have a destination in mind for lovely clothes when the need arises.
Junk jewels- Nah, not my type but I could still see if I can begin to use them. After all the bead necklace that Mamma Mia Me a Mamma gave me (see the kurta pic above) looks great on this kurta.
May be I will take the kids this time- when there is a puppet show on. I am sure they will appreciate it and not even look at the wooden toy stalls all over the place beckoning them.
I need to check whether there are lipstick cases in the Shantiniketan Leather stall and perhaps a huge travel size handbag. Because despite having atleast 50 handbags I still do not have a decent travel handbag.
And while I am at it, spring cleaning is in order to make space for the "hawai and real purchases" I have done.


Anonymous said...

I can so use up junk jewellery, and the Kurtis...and some art work...oh the list is endless.


Anonymous said...

hey itchy....
put up the pata thikana of various artists in a seperate post...pleeeeeezzzzzeee...