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Thursday, December 02, 2010

Kaleidoscope Classic

A fun game that involves using 18 pieces of different shapes and sizes to be fit into patterns. I got this game 7 years ago and it has been most sparingly used and all of it in the first year of buying it. The intent has always been there but I dare not take it out in front of the kids. Well, not that I have lost anything. The website has archives of previous puzzles which I can access and solve at leisure. The website access comes with the kit purchased.
Recently I took this game out for the kids to play. Ojas has really taken to it and he has made atleast 2 patterns with minimum help from me.
This is the simplest pattern and I helped him with only 2 pieces.

and here's Tejas mastering Ludo.

1 comment:

Aparna said...

Hey Kaleidoscope is a toughie even for me.. that's great going for a 5 year old :).