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Friday, December 17, 2010

A Visit to the Gym

Ojas & Tejas have a long time ambition- to make big muscles and draw tattoo on them. The drawing part is easy- a marker pen will do- because the tatoos that they got in some snacks caused Tejas a small reaction.
Now for the tough part- building muscles.
The husband took the kids to the gym a couple of weeks ago. The hidden agenda was to get them into the steam so that they get relief from cough/ cold.
For a good part of an hour, the kids had fun bouncing and walking at 0.8 speed on the treadmill. Sitting on hubby's lap while he was rowing and then politely told him- I have had enough Dadda, now I will do on my own. They even tried lifting the 2.5 lb dumb bells and honestly felt that their muscles have grown a bit.
The grand finale was the steam. 3 men in chaddis walked proudly into the steam room. Out rushed 2 chaddies buddies and the third one followed them. He managed to drag Tejas inside the steam room and contain him there for 2 minutes. And then he peeped out to look for Ojas.
Within that span of 2 minutes Ojas had changed into his street clothes and was standing there saying- I am wearing my clothes. Now I cannot go for steam.
So that was the last visit to the gym. Subsequent visits have never ever happened.

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Anonymous said...

How cute...but thats such a great cure for cold...wisah these kids just sat down. Good writing sista!