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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

One of the Reasons I want to Move Out of the South

I love the city but somehow I am facing a conflict of sorts of staying here all my life.
One of the reasons being Weddings & Parties.
We never get invited to happening parties. I have realized belatedly that the concept does not exist here. A friend had once commented that if you invite someone for dinner they look at you suspiciously. I had laughed it off but now I tend to believe it's true.
I used to do dinners before the kids. But they never got reciprocated except for a few cases.
And now on weddings-
I dread them here because-
1. If you dress a bit fashionably- you look over dressed. If it is not pattu (silk)- you are considered not dressed aptly/ grandly- so either way you are the odd one out
2. You can never expect to attend a hip wedding party in a posh hotel or a spacious farmhouse- its always a kalyana mandapam.
3. The food is normally not a big attraction. More often than not I treat myself outside to satiate my taste buds.
4. The food is vegetarian
5. There is no naach gana- dancing/ light music/ merry making - my feet are itching to dance but there is no event happening
6. Lack of fun and enjoyment factor
7. There is nobody whom I know or am related to among the guests- so I can almost be sure that I will have nobody to give me company at the party.
8. Since I am here, I miss out all the happening parties that happen in / around my place.


Minka said...

well , south Indian weddings are mostly about rituals and traditions. And there's not much room for song and dance other than the nalanga function ( which is also cut short based on preference).And be thankful there isn't light music . I attended some that did and it was horrendous. Some of them have classical music/dance or violin but I think the audience does a big disservice to the performers in
such settings.

I am with you on the food front. My solution is to go for the morning function and pig on the breakfast which I totally relish. And give the yellai sapadu a miss !!!

Mama - Mia said...

hehe!! i feel it too girl!!

even marathi weddings are a big bore!! thanfully i came back to a northie reception and had all the naach gaana i had dreamed of at my shaadi least!!

ofcos afta coming to bangalore such things are a distant past! all the family wedding also happen up north and we cant always make it! :(

happening places shut down by 11pm and tho i am not much of a party animal i enjoy the occassional hips dont lie session! sigh!!

hope you find some fun stuff to do soon!!



How do we know said...

All the Best with that one. But then, up north, the other half of ur family will feel left out, no??

Itchingtowrite said...

minka-i did enjoy one unnikrishnan performance in a wedding - if nothing else- just looking at him gav me my money's worth!!\
mama mia- thats the worst- being left out of everything & nothing to fall back upon in your city
how do w know- well, not xactly, nobody is inviting us for anything here!!! and all rlatives r abroad

Anonymous said...

Thats a bang-on-target summary and captures the agony of the average northener perfectly. Great post!!