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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tiny Thoughts- Is it Possible

Is it possible to fall in love everyday all over again?
With your own child?
And then reach the peak of annoyance with him everytime he crosses the limits of annoying you?
Forgetting all anger the moment he smiles?
Both forgiving and forgetting inspite of the whack in the bum?
I wonder- how much of the smacks he would recall as he grows up?
Will the number outweigh the kisses?


Mama - Mia said...

aye aye!! :)

and my guess is macks wont outweigh the love!!


Just Like That said...

They are all forgiving darlings for now. :-D

Shobana said...

Definetly yes.
Hopefully not the whacks and only the love and kisses.

Unknown said...

Just like our relationship with TINKU @ home (TINKU is my Pit Bull Terrier)

Mystic Margarita said...

Yes...for all! :)

Collection Of Stars said...

Yes to all except the last :)
I hope the answer to the last one would be 'Never'!