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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Daawat - e - Chicken

Walking out of the car opposite Spencer's store in Besant Nagar, one encounters the aroma of the most org@&mic barbecued chicken.
One looks around and sees a huge crowd assembled in front of the small non-descript looking barbecue counter right next to Spencer's.
One turns away one's nose at the mere thought of even looking in the direction of such a shop even if it sells chicken and entertains such pedestrian looking crowd and does a double take.
No the crowd is not at all pedestrian in-toto. Hip, mini skirts and sleeveless top types rubbing shoulders with lungi-dharis and checked hanky types- in the eyes of the guy sitting at the counter of Daawat- all are equal- there is no ladies queue, no pedestrian vs car wallah queue, no special consideration despite the attire.
This non-descript types shop comes with a glass window and counter and the most succulent and scrumplicious looking barbecued chicken kababs hanging in the window to tempt unscruplous chicken consumers like us.
Well, taste not guaranteed as one doesn't have the courage to stand in queue alongwith veg turned hubby and jumping jack children. But aroma is guaranteed to promise the most didn't I mention orga&mic taste.
Somebody please try and motivate self to wait in the queue.


Minka said...

what ? You don't want traffic from random google searches ?!!!

I thought it was a typo and then you said it again . Took me a while to figure out, dim bulb that I am !!!

Mama - Mia said...

thank god wednesday is chicken day at work!!!





Noodlehead said...

sabr ka phal meetha hota that motivation enuf for the queue? :-P just think of a succulent morsel of chicken melting in your mouthhh...ummmmm! darn, now i need to eat some myself.

Itchingtowrite said...

minka- staid me flutters eye lashes
mama mia- u get chicken at work- wow!
noodlehead- jao khao!