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Monday, June 23, 2008

Flashback- Hard To Believe

I just cannot believe that I used to eat...
1. 1 large bowl of vanilla icecream every morning, 1st thing when I am not usually fond of icecream
2. 1 orange- lemon ice candy (kwality walls) every time I visited food world/ beach- and I had never in my life had that ice lolly before
3. pani poori everytime we went to planet yumm
4. chutney instead of sambhar (when I actually hated coconut chutney with dosa)
5. Subway sandwich only - everytime we went to spencer mall
6. 1 or 2 egg scramble everyday when I am not usually very hot on eggs- I like them but am not addicted to them

I can't believe
1. I hunted the streets for dhokla a few days in a row and had to make do with nilgiri's dhokla which got wasted because I no longer wanted to eat them
2. I begged my hubby to get daal vada from the shop next to adyar bakery sardar patel road- and after that have been put off that shop for life.
3. I went to Sangeeta, Gandhi Nagar with great longing for dosa and I found a hair on the table and got so put off that I never went back to that shop

I can't believe
1. that I could not stand non veg for a duration of 3-4 months
2. that I was off junk food and my favourite Lays Sour cream and onion chips
3. I stopped cold coffee completely

...During the 37 weeks of my Pregnancy


Mama - Mia said...


gee, i had a funny pregnancy!! no morning sickness, no chakkars and NO cravings whatsoever!! sigh!!

but i have no complaints about that, and am sure hubby doesnt too!! hehe!!

lovely nostalgic post!!



Cuckoo said...

Yes, funny things do happen! But (tongue-in-cheek) is there a more significant reason for the nostalgia? :)

Shobana said...

I remember that I used to hog on raw broccoli, mixed veg salad with raspberry vinigrette and sambar vada from Udupi restaurant during my pregnancy. The husband would be on red alert all the time, to rush out for the same.

Rohini said...

Bah! I did not have a single, strange pregnancy craving. Atleast not for food. Did get seriously addicted to Mills&Boon. Thankfully, that didn't last!

Itchingtowrite said...

mama mia- coming from a person who had nausea till 8th month & beyond- u r one lucky person!

cuckoo- no yaar- just documenting- congrats to u !!! btw!!
shobana- mmm sambhar vada- havn't had it since prgnancy got thru i guess!! nobody bother abt my taste aftr that

rohini- ha ha M&B- !!! for long i never lablled the above as craving ue to pregnancy!! i always thought that was normal & was wondering when the craving will start!!