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Friday, November 16, 2007

Eventful 2 days

The Solitaire Diamond on my engagement ring dropped off...the 2nd thing that hubby presented that I have managed to lose- the first being the gold+ platinum bracelet that he so thoughtfully bought for me- I had been yearning to buy one for a few years. I don't think I will ever buy another bracelet for sometime- I feel so bad just thinking of it.

Ojas pointing at the picture of the sun- Chunn
Tejas correcting him- Na na Sunn

The first project that I had been briefed on exactly a year ago has materialized. This is a new guy entering confectionery. Though we did get random wins over the year, this was a must win and was giving me jitters all year with hopes raised high on it. This was my first presentation that I had created for this company and was very appreciated both on home ground and customer site.

Hi Bye
Ojas & Tejas were playing. Suddenly they come to me. Ojas clasps my hand and says- "How do do."
Tejas quickly tells - "Bye" and runs off.

Dreamworld board books in Tamil at Words&Worth, Besant Nagar. Those interested can pop in. I need some in Hindi now! Maybe the Bihar trip will help.
Also they are offering 15% discount on selected copies of Tintin & Asterix.

A new, lovely looking boutique near Kalachetra Foundation- ned to explore them and blog about them.

Duggi chased Ojas when he was trying to poop. Ojas wriggled his index finger at him and said- Duggi, no, sit. Duggi obediently sat down at a respectful distance.

Re-read "not a penny more, not a penny less" by Jeffery Archer. The magic is still there. He should do a sequel to give back all the money.

Dilbert Future, Coma- Robin Cook, John Grisham- Skipping Christmas. I am one of those few who have never read Robin Cook. I intend to start with one as it seems less daunting now rather than during my school days.

Tejas dashed against the sofa and bled on the lips. His teeth hurt his lips and the upper lip got mildly swollen. Kind of scary- his lips full of blood and as usual my nose picked up the smell of blood before actually seeing it when he came crying into the kitchen.


Fuzzylogic said...

Congrats on the accolades you received for that project!too bad on the solitaire. How did you happen to lose them? I'm pretty clumsy myself and I have come close to losing my engagement ring as well. Hope you find it though.

Yay on controlling Duggi!now duggi will finally realize who is the master:)I totally second the re-read Jeffery Archer..that is one of my favorite books of all times.
I was very much into Robin cook in College and it's been ages since I caught up on any of his novels. If you are starting it out Coma is indeed the best one to begin with:)

Ouch on Tejas lip bleed. The little guy seems to be having a rough run lately what with Duggi's episode and this. Hope he is doing fine now.
And yes loved those nursery rhymes of yours.Those were creative:)

Shobana said...

Oops and sorry abt the diamond. Congrats on teh project presentation. Next time I am in Chennai calling you for places to go explore. Phone number please....

Robin Cook is a good author if one is into sci-fi and medical dramas.

The little guys...sound like they are a handful but very cute.

Hip Grandma said...

Robin cook is a favorite and it is high time you read him.Looks as if the boys are really growing fast.How did the diamond fall off?sorry abt it.

Indian in NZ said...

me loves reading Robin Cook too - "coma' is a good one for starters :-)

Congratulations for the project.

And good on Ojas.

By Deepa and Supriya said...

sorry about the diamond but congrats on the accolades at work!
jeffrey archer...hmm that was a long time but I am sure I would enjoy it as much now :0

The Inquisitive Akka said...

Lost my beautiful, beautiful gold bracelet just one month after I bought it :( I still feel awful about it. It was a birthday gift from my husband (selected by my brother)