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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tag- To the guys with a question mark on their face

Shobana tagged me to give answers to 20 questions that guys wanted to know from girls

1. How do you feel after a one night stand?
Is it such a big deal?

2. Do you ever get used to wearing a thong?
Do you?

3. Does it hurt?
Does it hurt you?

4. Do you know when you are acting crazy?
We plan to the last detail

5. Does size really matter?
That got you checking it out!

6. When the bill comes are you still a feminist?
Depends on how you define a feminist

7. Why do you take so long to get ready?
You would too, if you had to worry about matching & clashing colors, not repeating outfits and accessories to go with it.

8. Do you watch porn, too?
Watch it? We read it and write it too!

9. Will something from Tiffany’s solve everything?
again, size does matter.

10. Are guys as big of a mystery to you as you are to us?
No, we are resigned to the fact that you are all the same, only with different faces & names to tell you apart.

11. Why do you sometimes think you look fat?
You can never be too thin or too rich.

12. Why are you always late?
a) To keep up with you
b) we are worried anout looking fat

13. Does it bother you when we scratch?
Yes, just in case you offer your hand for a handshake or borrow my pen or use my comp or car, or…

14. Do you wish you could pee standing up?
Who said we can’t?

15. Why do so many women cut their hair short as soon as they get married?
This is to say that ‘mom, you are no longer in control’ and ‘Husband, or anyone else, you have no say in the matter’

16. How often do you think about sex?
Let’s see, aaa, well, it is easier to answer how often we don’t think about it

17. What do you think of women who sleep with guys on the first date?
Not played hard to get enough

18. Would you?
See 17 above.

19. Do you realize every guy wants a girl just like his mom?
a) Your father is to blame, if he could not provide you 2 mothers.
b) Yes, and we cannot lower my standards to reach your expectations.
c) Keeping fingers crossed- I should get a son exactly like you.

20. Why does every woman think she can change him?
She believes she has the power to correct the damages done so far

21. Does it matter what car I drive?
No, as long as it is big and expensive and classy and oh, well, that explains it all

22. Do you ever fart?
Do you think we are aliens with built in gas elimination systems?

Now, smart women, men believe in statistics. So please do them a favour and answer them-
Art Navy, Fuzzy, Gauri, Kiran, Suki, Sue


Hip Grandma said...

Funny and interesting.

Sukhaloka said...

Dang, I was so hoping i'd escape this one! Not comfortable talking about sex on blog at this point, hehe.

However, I'll do it. Not as Sukhaloka, but as a representative of womankind. :D

Unknown said...

Smart A** comments form a 24.89041095890410958904109589041096 year old virgin here . . .
damn 25% of my life wasted :(

i kenw a few answers, like

Q8 (for example)
(i was asked/ordered to get a supply for 2 people)

Where r such girls, how come i never came across 1.

My Brains r working overtime :P

Size of what :D
I hate skinny and obese pple,

i dont care if me n my girl r equally late. . .
(if u kno a girl comes an hour late, why not go an hour late, than going early and cribbing)

i like pple who take decissions
btw a changing hair style provides variety i think

Oh! guys a girls do have some things in common, just that they ****** ****** to try a few things, or rather too dumb to let go of opportunities . . .

Where do i find such girls
(Oh! never been on a date, damn! why didn't i realise this earlier)

I am very very sure,
I wont marry anyone like my mom
(i do love my mom, just hate her Logic, way of communicating things to me, n a few more)

High Hopes
No idea what you r dealing with
All d best, better luck next time

Q21 (add to answer)
as long as u own it (very important)

We all do, Pls Just warn before bombing

Enough, before everyone things i'm a Perv (WELL WHO ISN't)

Fuzzylogic said...

Ah,this tag is doing rounds and what do I see?you tagged me too!!Will definitly add my 2 cents too:)

Fuzzylogic said...

Tag done:)

How do we know said...

ha ha.. am rolling on the floor with all this! You rock!