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Monday, November 12, 2007

The Last Long Weekend of the Year

Diwali Release No 1 (Ojas) was scared shit of the noisy crackers. It took a long while for him to get used to the noise and brave on foot to stomp out the "Snake" remains.
Freaked out on Cashew Katli- Taken directly from the Puja while Mamma's eyes were shut in prayer.
More progress on the chalk drawing book - they are actually trying to colour the pictures and dislike it when I try my hand at it.
Learnt Johnny Johnny - found it hilarious
Slept without milk bottle in the nights- the trick of reading them into zzzland worked.
They can recite many of their veggies without the aid of the book.
First attempt at sitting on the adult potty with the child seat- no luck with the output inspite of 4 books read to pass the time
Radio, Moped, Scooter, See Saw, Curtains, Injection (with mock crying sound when mock injection is administered), Drums- favourite things learnt and actively recognized
Managed without the absconding baby maid for 3 days- no sweat at all! Some better time management helped.
First self fed complete meal managed- Noodles
Freaked out on Pickut, Pixture, Chuckis, Nice (biscuit, mixture, chocolate, Ice Tea)
Quarreled with each other for Pechhil (pencil)
Took Duggi out - clutching tightly to his new leash- behaving perfectly like the master in command- even scolding him for soiling in the wrong places (a case of look who is talking)

Check out Crayola's fun pages...


Hip Grandma said...

cute list,Remembered my days!

Anonymous said...

Loved the 'pechhil' ! Two is such a fun age :-)