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Monday, November 26, 2007

Live Shows

They make me cry...
I cry for the winner.
I cry for the loser.
I cry for their family.
I cry for their mentors.
And life is difficult at that point of time because I am busy trying to hide the tears from the co-viewers.
I cry because I see myself and how I felt at times of disappointment, no matter how little.
I cry when I imagine what it would be like if my kids faced a major disappointment.
I wonder what Harshit felt...standing there, so close yet so far. If he could just reach out and take the trophy away for himself?
What he could have felt like doing, just so that he could reverse the final few moments in his favour.
He had just said that winning did not matter, but it does, doesn't it?

But for that matter, isn't it the hunt that matters more than the kill?
They live in our minds until the chase is on. After that, they are just one among the many in the race for the best.
Frankly I don't even remember the names of the previous Live show winners- and those were household names until the show was on!


Hip Grandma said...

Others felt like you too.Why does this viewer voting business not produce fair results?

Anonymous said...

I wasn't too surprised by the results as Ishmeet was getting lot of support by way of voting. Even though Harshit deserved it as I think he is a far superior singer than Ishmeet, but his sympathy angle ( with his grandmother and family situation) backfired. What I admired about Ishmeet was he just came and sang and left the rest to the viewers, no drama at all. He surprised me by keeping quiet when Abhijeet said that he shouldn't have made it to top 12 or something to that affect.

I felt really sad too looking at Harshit's face at that moment.