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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Tagged- weirdly

Rules of the tag- as I gathered from my trysts to other blogs
What is a tag- a tag is a set of questions, about self or books or movies or a wishlist. A tag can reach a blogger through another blogger. A blogger can even initiate a tag, forming a unique set of questions.

Doing the tag- the process

Name the person who has tagged you.
Do the tag in a similar way as the person who tagged you- in this case, I have to mention 9 weird things about myself.
Tag atleast 6 people
Inform the people you have tagged by posting a comment on their blog and also mention on the tag post.

Thanks Hip Hop Grandmom for tagging me- My first. I have to list out 9 weird things about myself.
The good thing about tags is that it sets you thinking, almost introspective. So here is my list

I think a lot, and when I get excited I think aloud- sometimes my brother has caught me pacing the floor and talking to myself. Sometimes, I go into my own dream world in the middle of a meeting and have been caught a few times off-guard. Post a good thinking session, I like to trace back & check from where I began & what thought led to the next

I am bad at remembering names. I am forever asking my husband the names of his close friends’ wives- can’t goof up on such things. Sometimes I mismatch names & faces. Extremely embarrassing. But contradictorily I have a very good photographic memory. I can recall a scene that took place years ago even indicating who was sitting where.

I am a compulsive sanitation freak. I wash hands quite often, wipe the kitchen counter even if a drop of water falls and clean the bathroom floor if there is a single dirty footprint.

I can recognize a song through the tune but can't sing it.

I cannot argue to prove my point. I find it extremely bothersome. Later on I will hate myself for giving in and not coming up with a smart retort to shut the other person off.

I don’t know how to do make-up. Lipstick is my mainstay.

I can cook an elaborate dinner for a guest but can’t do simple snacks. I do not know how to make pakoras.

I am normally very energetic - I like to do everything on my own and cannot bring myself to ask someone for even a glass of water. But I suffer from bouts of laziness during which I will postpone every simple task.

When I am reading a book or closely watching a tele-serial, I almost live with the characters.

I tag- the kid, the madmomma, @, rebel, sush, control freak, hastobeme, keshi, cardamom- more than the quota of 6 but I have tried to include a variety of personalities as per the image I have in my mind of the blogger and therefore would like to know their other side through the tag.


Artnavy said...

Can't make pakoras? let me teach you...LOL

Tanushree said...

hi dear,
i thinking tagging is vry good means to know somebody...

keep tagging....

Kalpana said...


Hip Grandma said...

good responses.It is amazing how much traits I share with others who've responded.Then why do I call myself weird?eg.response no.4,5 7 &8.

Anusha said...

you're not that weird!
A lot of these are similar to mine...or maybe thats why you are weird :)

Tag accepted!

The Kid said...

I am double tagged now. Next post will be the tag. danks for tagging me :)

The Visitor said...

Nice done tag!

Itchingtowrite said...

he he art- u already did- but better u make & i 'll eat
tanushree- welcome. Why don't u do this tag.
kalpana, visitor- thanks
hipgranmom, @- i guess we can call them quirks of our nature & get away with it
the kid- we will wait.

Am I Who said...

you're a sanitation freak -- wish i was! i'm way too lazy to clean. and one fine day, when i'm way too annoyed, i jus do some 'compulsive' cleaning. that happens like once in 20 years though :)

and you dont like to bother others to get some work done for you. *applause*. its okay to be lazy.. but its a good thing not to bother others.. unlike me, who bosses my brother around to get me cashwes, water, chocolates from the refrigrator all the time!

good post.. :)

rebel said...

I can recognize a song through the tune but can't sing it.

Well, tat s wierd.. BTW, am done with my tag :-)

Keshi said...

LOL nice one. But I have done this tag b4 in my own blog...check it out at:


Usha said...

Interesting and I share the talking aloud, cant-remember-names and sanitation compulsion with you!
Didnt realise they were weird until now - isnt that weird too!

Annie said...

Your sons are adorable!!! And your writing is wonderful. Keep it up! I'll be back.