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Thursday, October 05, 2006


From the word go, we have surrounded ourselves with stuff that would make our lives easy with the little monsters around.

Feeding Bottles- by the dozen. The pediatrician told us strictly not to use the feeding bottles. Till date we hide the feeding bottle before entering his room. Well, who wants to get a lecture from him on the demerits of it anyway? I just prop it and they drink by themselves. Spoon feeding milk is a little time consuming and messy since they will decide to turn the head away the moment I bring the spoon to their mouth. Sterilizing routine is tedious and chances of infection high if not cleaned properly. Should replace as often as possible and not reuse the left over milk

Kangaroo Bags- Useful during our lame attempts to shop. But gives back pain. The bag tends to hang and strains the neck / shoulders/ back. Sometimes my little monsters feel hot and tied down. They have already outgrown it. It also blocks the view- once I had Tejas in the kangaroo bag and missed a step and fell down - plonk.

Single Pram- as old as me. Everytime I decide to take them out, one of them falls asleep and I have to take only the one awake for a stroll. Single pram is more handy & easy to maneuver. I also take it with me to malls as the pram which they give is sometimes dirty with puke, food or what not. Also useful to put them to sleep.

Double pram- extremely useful when I have to take both of them out together, going to the beach or restaurant. But quite unwieldy.

Bouncers- extensively used- for sitting, making them sleep, feeding them (they can’t fidget and move around), rocking. The blue one can be used till they are about 1.5 years old. The chairs have music, calming vibrations, removable toys, lights to entertain the little ones. Keep a watchful eye as they tend to bend over to pick up stuff they have dropped and then can’t raise themselves back again sometimes.

High Chair- as old as me- has a chair cum potty- despite advices on the contrary, I started training them on the potty since they were 3 months as they were already on top feed and so were quite regularized. I expect it was more comfortable and well – satisfying, for them to sit & do relaxingly. Strap well though.

Small Potty- for travel time.

Walkers- This one was gifted to them and I was quite against using it. But tried one day just for the heck of it & found that it gave them freedom to move around, kept them busy and they stopped crying when we move away from their line of vision. They have become experts in negotiating curves and adjusting speed & one of them volunteers to go reverse gear if both get stuck in a corner- better road sense than we elders? But, be careful, it may trip. Make them wear shoes so that they don't dirty or hurt their feet.

Pending Purchases-
Bathtub- but I have no space to keep it, so I have decided to skip it as they will soon not need it.
Car seat- but once strapped that space can't be used by anyone else. The high chair that I have can be strapped to the car seat incidentally.


Artnavy said...

Love the pic of the high chair - so chweeet

I think bouncer may have been interesting- our double bed really doubled up as one and then succumbed and broke last week end

Kangaroo bag- I found it very useful for about 4-5 months for the daily walk

Bath tub- u must buy- they will love to splash about

I avoided the walker and bottle- so no comment

pram and potty- must haves

Nee said...

Why is the feeding bottle a no-no?
Very very cute pics, by the way!
Ojas looks so serious and thoughtful in each!

Anusha said...

Loved the pics :) esp the one in double stroller..

my life.... said...

yeah i agree with u that kangaroo bags can hit us with back pain... yr kids are twins???they look cute...:) twins also runs in my family.... i have 2 sets of Twin cousins ---one in malaysia and another in usa... twins are fun!

my life.... said...

yeah i agree with u that kangaroo bags can hit us with back pain... yr kids are twins???they look cute...:) twins also runs in my family.... i have 2 sets of Twin cousins ---one in malaysia and another in usa... twins are fun!

Kalpana said...

Everything looks perfect...

Hip Grandma said...

I can only see the double pram.The other pics have a cross on them.I feel bouncers and gliders are a waste,The kid doesn't want to be strapped in them and they have to be put aside.The wise thing would be to buy one and rotate it among friends and family.The other items are okay.

Rohini said...

You sound just like me. I own a ton of equipment too but much of it didn't work:
- Ayaan refused to take to the bottle. In fact, he hates milk altogether.
- The bouncie chair was useless - he cried more when we ut him in it.
- He hated sitting in his pram. He has only recently started sitting in it for an early morning walk.
- The potty training just started and he runs away when he sees me getting the potty in position
- Sling/ kangaroo bag: Agree with you, did not find it as comfotbale as I had hoped
- Car seat - cries an unbearable amount so we just let him sit in our laps

The high chair and cot took a long time for him to get used to but now he will sleep only in the cot and eat only in the high chair. Other gadget that I absolutely cannot live without - my trusty baby montior!

mommyof2 said...

don't worry about the bottles. Just let them take their time & enjoy it for couple of more months, then one day they will want to drink from a cup:-) Sling is ok in emergencies cuz of the backache it causes but it is useful otherwise. Everything worked during A’s time but nothing with my daughter. She hated the bouncer, stroller, car seat & what not but she quit bottles when she was 10m old:-)

Loved all the pics. So sweet:-)

Twisted DNA said...

That is awesome list of equipment. Very useful for new moms. Actually, I didn't know all these are availale in India these days. My perception of India is several years old :(

Prasanna Parameswaran said...

Very true! especially when you have small kids, these list of equipments really help a lot!

apu said...

phew! thats a lot of baby paraphernalia! to think that we grew up without any of these - Now I feel deprived !

Itchingtowrite said...

art- thanks, & good to have your views too
nee- thanks. feeding bottles- doc says it may cause infection
@, kalpana- thanks
my life- ha ha - they r definitely fun, esp if someone else is having them!!!
hipgmom- mine have utilized the bouncers very well- esp during their meals.
rohini- infact its hubby who insists that every equipment of the world shud be bought & used for the kids...
mom of 2- mine love to act as if they are drinking from anything that looks like a cup but throw away their sippers
TDNA- most of them are available now. bouncer just been launched a few months ago- found them in odyssey too. double stroller is the sleeping type & back to back not like the 1 that I have. but all these are atleast 25-50% higher priced here. thanks to my hubby's tours, I am able to source stuff
indianangel- thanks
apu- welcome. paraphrenalia is the right word...

Has to be me said...

Good list & this sure wld be v,useful to the moms to be. :)

U've given me a lotta homework (2 tags)!! ;) Gimme time to work on them! ok? :)