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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Only in Bihar

Terminiology typical to Bihar which outsiders find confusing

When someone says he has gone for Marketing they mean he has gone for Shopping

Baadaam means peanut and not Almond as they shorten the word chiniaa baadaam to baadaam

Underwear is a euphamised Bra

Meat means mutton or goat's flesh

When someone says "there is no Light" they mean there is no power supply

This one is not even corrected in school- Copy- which means notebook

Pronunciation goof ups

The r is not silent in Iron

Is-too means Stew

Any Additions to the list? Probably someone can do a similar one for their home town!

NB- I am a proud Bihari!


controlfreak said...

ha ha ha gud one!when i was newly married someone offered me peanuts saying "have some baddaam",one dissapointment it was!
yes and i am sure all the people who have died during their mba courses will commit suicide when they hear oue grandfather "that he loves marketing during festivals"i translate he means he loves "shopping".
ha ha ha

the_outsider said...

The one about Iron.
I read that teh english cricketer Ian Botham was called Tin Arse by his team mates because everywhere in India teh commentators would pronounce his name Iron Bottom.

Good luck on your change of job.
'IS' does that somewhere sound like Infy ?.
The first time is the hardest after that putting in your papers is like taking candy from a child.

mommyof2 said...

We share the light & copy thing:-)

Has to be me said...

Gosh those were damn phunny I say!

Hip Grandma said...

I'm a proud Bihari too!I've spent more time in Bihar/Jharkhand than Tamilnadu.A well done job!!

Twisted DNA said...

Excellent! Very funny collection.

That 'badam' thing is really funny. Next time somebody offes me peanuts and calls them 'badam' I won't question their sanity :)

Anonymous said...

Though not a bihari, I have several friends from there.
Sample this- Bermuda shorts is called POOGLA PIANT in Bihar.

Garam Bheja Fry said...

ahaa ke bihaar me rahli haa kaa?? humra janam bihaare me huaa hai...aap humko saayad nahee chinhe honge ki hummu bihaari hai..gupchhup,tirangaa gutkha,scootive engineer are all bihar's gift to the sane world...and a cinema theater they would call "hall" or "taaakiz"...

Itchingtowrite said...

control freak- ha ha... even I had noticed itoutsider- thanks IS is not infy- i guess all IS departments are same
mom of 2- u also from bihar/ UP??
has to be, grandma, TDNa- thanks- good u enjoyed it
kulpreet - welcome.i did not know that
cardamom- haal/ taakiz- yes i missed that!!

Artnavy said...

"Jip" instead of zip- in fact all z are j

like n chennai- p & b get interchanged -

boori choley and Gopi manchurian
as CHAT )

Neha said...

Well...I will not say allBIharis are like flatmate is a Bihari..she does not speak like that...
But yes, when one says Marketing, since I too have done ma MBA, the first thing that comes to mind is Philip Kotler and not Shopping!

vibhor said...

many of my collage frens were from bihar and they are always remarked differently..may be because of this only...
anyways..its too good..

Inder said...

i love laloo's lingo :P

Anonymous said...

We ahve a teammate who imitates Laloo excatly... It is too funny !!
I always try to imitate Laloo.. shud try to practise more

sanjay jha said...

how can you miss-
'mercury -light'[tube light],
'attaichi'is suitcase,
'boring'is [tube well],
'arodram'is airport,
any conspiracy is 'politics',
'routine'is time-table in schools ,
all foreign land is 'england-america'[with 12hr time zone difference],
'mota-moti'is approx.,
'battery'is torch,
'lemonchoos'is choclate
'pankha'is fan,
'anda'is egg
'later'is letter
'item 'is peaces
'durjen'is dozen
'taar'is telegram also wire
'panni'is plastic
'expire'is death
'milatery'is army
any place you get food out of house is a 'hotel'[includes all type of places as canteen,tea shop,dhaba,motel etc.]
'hi-class'and 'top-class'is best
best is always best and sign board is always sign board
'footpath'is 'footpath'
'pistaul'is pistol and 'raffel'is
'langot'is underwear
'langotia'is friend
i have many out of my twenty five years in village life.
i will end by saying-'teen kosh me paani badle chaar kosh me vaani'...
'angrezi'is important.
cheers,bihar jindabaad.
[a proud bihari now and always]

PS-loved going back to memory lane,very nostalgic....
thank you.

Anonymous said...

hehehe, i have heard so much about the bihari accent. this one is good. btw, two of my good friends are from bihar.

Itchingtowrite said...

art- actually chain (pronounced as pan) means zip too.
neha- well once I realised these were not the right terms, I am also not like that! welcome..
vibhor- thanks- long time no see
inder - me too
vin- great ice breaker- mimicry talent
sanjay- welcome- thanks for extending the list
appu- biharis are also like malus- they crop up in most places

Varsha said...

good one!!

Copy and lights...common here too...

Usha said...

I love these regional peculiarities in language.
Iron rhymes with siren in Bangalore too.
And i loved that one about "marketing". That is really colourful. I love my India!

Neer said...

me too!! :)

Minal said...

Thanks Sanjay for the hilarious list. Made me nostalgic!