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Monday, October 16, 2006

Dizzy* Heights- Version 2

Continuing with my previous post of Heights
Height of Dodge- When I want Ojas to give me whatever he has in his hand, I say “Thank you”. He immediately gives it to me & before I can take possession of it, he takes it back & runs away.

Height of Starting Early- Ojas sings aa aa aa in the tune of bheege honth tere song of the movie Murder …well - almost

Height of Unsportsmanship spirit- I play hide & seek with Ojas & Tejas. If they cannot find me, they cry

Height of Piousness- Both join hubby when he does the puja

Height of Teasing- I tell Tejas not to lick the floor; he looks at me & then licks it again.

Height of Studiousness- both fighting for the single Alphabets book they possess.

Height of Similarity- Both will take a pair of socks and play with it- “banging” them together

Height of Persistance- Ojas is playing with a dangerous toy, I snatch it & give him another. He takes it & throws it away and does that until I give the dangerous one to him.

Height of Challenge- Tejas stands up holding me/ chair, leaves his hands and smiles to himself till he is able to hold himself up.

Height of Playfulness- Tejas thinks Ojas is playing with him when he crawls fast. Seeing him do that, Tejas grins, shakes his head, crawls rapidly & tries to hide in my lap

Height of Daredevilry- Ojas used to be scared of the food processor. Now, he goes to the kitchen in his walker and stares at the food processor straight “into the eye” when it is running.

Height of Technocrat- Tejas has removed the “Fn” key of my sister’s laptop

Height of Buttering- Tejas will look sweetly at my sister or hubby when they switch on their laptop

Height of Sixth Sense- Ojas will say Ta Ta when he sees someone wearing their sandals or picking the handbag.

Height of Engrossment- They gobble up the entire food while watching ads on TV or some song

Height of Cultural Activity- They favour certain songs and rush to the TV whenever those songs are playing. Ojas will dance (arms moving balle balle) and tejas will have a foolish smile on his face.

Height of Cleanliness- During meals, Tejas will wipe his mouth over my dress.

Height of Grooming- Both will wipe each other's face with their nappy pads.

Height of Participation- Both will have their own glasses in the Juice shop

Height of Arrogance- The look on their face when they are standing at the steering wheel

* The term dizzy heights is borrowed from Hip Hop grand Mom (mentioned on the comments in my heights post)


Anonymous said...

LOL. that was fun

Has to be me said...

chuveet! My daughter does that on the height of teasing too! She also does it when she puts some taboo thing into her mouth & smiles with glee!

rebel said...

Height of Unsportsmanship spirit- I play hide & seek with Ojas & Tejas. If they cannot find me, they cry

God, your blog is getting cuter and cuter!!! :-D

Nee said...

LOL - Height of Daredevilry- Ojas used to be scared of the food processor. Now, he goes to the kitchen in his walker and stares at the food processor straight “into the eye” when it is running.
Morbid curiosity, eh?
PS - more pics of these cuties, please! I think it's time you did one of those collages again!

Hip Grandma said...

Ojas and Tejas will be scaling the heights of Mt. Everest.A steep climb for us but 'child's' play for them.why are you hidden in the photo?could see hubby well enough.God bless the kids, they seem a handful!!

Anonymous said...

I was nodding in agreement when u said they wipe their mouth on your sleeve. There r days when I think I should wear a bib myself instead of making my daughter wear one :-))

sinuma said...

Every Mom has her cherished moments with her children.
My son used to sit and hold my medical books and pretend reading when he was just two.
I wait in vain for him to sleep and he slept only if I was by his side even if it was 12midnight.and naturally ,I snored as soon as I was on bed due to a heavy day.
It is a very interesting blog.I enjoyed it.
PS: I wish you Moms tag to my blog
sinuma's "Tobacco Monster at sulekha blog

La vida Loca said...

awwww the kids are sooo cute

Archana Bahuguna said...

Loved those ones! :-) Specially the "Height of similarity, participation and grooming" are so sweet and funny!

Itchingtowrite said...

appu, rebel, archana, la vida- thanks
has to be me- how do these kids manage to pick up teh dirtiest thing & put it in their mouth?
nee- good suggestion- will do it once again with proper captions!!
hip grandma- thanks for the wishes, my sis decided perhaps i am not needed in the snap!!
jayashree- ha ha, all moms experience the same thing. they shud have some plastic dress for moms also for the numerous poo & pee that happens on them

sinuma-welcome. cud u pls send the link, i am unable to track down your blog. so ur kid also sleeps by 12!! same pinch!!

phatichar said...

Cute fellas! Twins? Cuz they sure do look like...nice blog :) will keep returning

Anonymous said...

Hi... Nice Blog you have. Got you thru Phatichar.
Twins r sweet!!
but i wud love to watch them doing all this ....

Am I Who said...

really niiiice one! :) a kind of post that puts a smile on your face throughout.. keep writing!

Twisted DNA said...

Nice. It was fun reading it :)

"Tejas has removed the “Fn” key of my sister’s laptop"
Haha. He already figured out that is the most useless key :D

Twisted DNA said...

Sorry, for the past few days, I am drowned at work :( I am just catching up with my favorite blogs

mommyof2 said...

Its amazing :-) I can I picture them both doing what you mentioned:-) soo cute..

p.s others are scared to finish the heights tag(I was too;-) & you did another post too:-) Wow..

Itchingtowrite said...

phatichar, vin- welcome. will look forward
harini- thanks
TDNA- yes, we too said that, & thanks for being back
momof 2- u ll love doing it & it will make a good diary of antics to note down without puting a detailed post abt it

mommyof2 said...

yeah, u r right:-) I did mention in my tag post that it was really a great tag & keepsake:-)

Varsha said...

so cute!! neat list