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Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Height of cruelty- Tejas hitting his toy butterfly with his toy doggie

Height of reward- I strike a conversation with Ojas when he wakes up in the morning. He picks up his bottle and hands it to me in reward.

Height of challenge- Ojas surpasses himself in his achievements. He holds his feeding bottle cap between his toes, the next level is the feeding bottle, followed by his pillow, his bolster & finally my pillow. The ultimate goal is to be able to hold one end between his toes & the other in his mouth.

Height of vigilance- Tejas periodically removing the Velcro of Ojas’ nappy (to check if he has soiled it?)

Height of dieting- Ojas touches the roti to his foot before putting in his mouth until he is done with it.

Height of desperation- If we give the bottle to one baby who is hungry, the other automatically wants the bottle too.

Height of competition- Who gets into my lap first when I come back from office.

Height of comparison- Ojas comparing his foot with Daddy’s. What next?

Height of rivalry- Tejas crawls and climbs over Ojas who is taking his feed and cries until he gets it. Sometimes even snatches the bottle from Ojas’ mouth.

Height of anger- you take them out of the door & then come back into the house & the reaction you get post that.

Height of table manners- I gave Tejas a piece of bread & he grabbed at my plate & wouldn’t eat his bread until I gave him a plate of his own.

Height of fitness- Ojas doing push ups when trying to crawl & doing Adho mukha shvaanaasana when trying to stand up

Height of choice- the toy they select from their toy basket would be the lid of a box or a clothes clip that would have accidentally found its way into their basket

Height of choosiness- among his toy mobile phone, a normal cell phone & a flip model cell phone, Tejas selects the flip model every time and hates it if it is not flipped open before handing it over to him

Height of dadagiri- both shout at MIL aaayyyy if she arrives late in the morning

Height of frustration- Ojas trying to scratch his bum over his diaper

Height of provocation- Tejas snatches the remote from Ojas' hands, "runs" away in his walker, returns to Ojas, dangles the remote in front of him & runs away again.


Am I Who said...

this is one of the CUTEST posts i've read...
brillllllllllllllllllllliant!! totally!


Artnavy said...

very well put!
And make it height of daadigiri kyun?

Am I Who said...

we're planning to shows... hopefully, soon! :) are you in madras?

jus sung in a lot of competitions (solo)... hoping to do it wit the band now.. :)

rebel said...

Height of reward- I strike a conversation with Ojas when he wakes up in the morning. He picks up his bottle and hands it to me in reward.

tat is the cutest :-)

Nee said...

ITW, this post is really too cute!

Sree said...

This post was at its height :-).. loved it out and out.

Itchingtowrite said...

thanks all
harini- i am in chennai
art suggests I shud start a tag along these lines- i tag all moms/ dads - artnavy, has to be me, mommyof2, madmomma, tharini, hiphopgmom, TDNA, aparna, dimbulb, visitor ? , @, gettingtherenow, outsider?, and other moms & dads who i have missed

Anonymous said...

Cute,very cute,and sure heights of dadagiri, god bless both of them.
Hey,i read all your posts,the one about working fathers and southIndia and then compassion during pregnancy and the tag also:) will be back again.By the way i made my hubby read the post on working fathers and i could see the fear gripping his face,will i be doing all this in an yr or so if we plan kids?? was his question and i said "More than that" now he says he will have nightmares tonight.hahahaha.

And about cooking,even i can make good lunch or dinner but cannot make Tea or coffee for guests:(

Anusha said...

Height of peace: The picture in this blog :)

Sounds like OJ is going for the olympics with his remarkable feats!Funniest was bum scratching over diaper!

on a different note: where did you get those diapers? I was looking for something similar in Chennai and Naidu Hall told me the only kind they had was not machine friendly. So share your secret :)

Hip Grandma said...

Dizzy heights weren't they??I'll take up the tag soon.

The Kid said...

"Height of frustration- Ojas trying to scratch his bum over his diaper"

oh man, that is going to be a mess. height of frustation for you I guess!

Keshi said...

so darn cute!!!!!


Itchingtowrite said...

rebel, nee, sush, keshi- thanks
alapana- thanks - keep coming. & all the best on your plans
hip g mom- thanks for agreeing to do the tag
Kid- yes, i have to remove his diaper & direct his hands to the spot so that he can scratch in peace
@- got these from naidu hall & u r right, they r not machine friendly. u have many kinds- 1 is all plastic- this doesn't get wet easily & can be reused after wiping off. 1 is plastic outside - (the pink color one in the snap) & cloth + plastic inside- gets wet easily on the inside. but is very soft & i got the right size. for the all plastic one, i did not get the right size & the velcro was too short & material was of poor quality. 1 is cloth outside, plastic inside- the other one which ojas is wearing.

Twisted DNA said...

LOL. That is a very sweet post! I will try to do the tag, although I doubt if I can write cute stuff :)

Rohini said...

Ha! Talk about table manners - Ayaan's are going to the dogs. He has started throwing food on the floor and aimed at me as well!

Itchingtowrite said...

tdna- i am sure it will be cute- all kids are
rohini- i am preparing myself for all that. yesterday they had a fight for the feeding bottle & ojas go angry & flung the bottle down so that nobody gets it.

The Visitor said...

LoL - Great post. But I'll cry off doing this tag ITW. :)

mommyof2 said...

Thanks, I will take up the tag but few days later;-)just a bit busy today & have to go on a field trip tomorrow so I guess by Monday:-)

And like TD said I don't think I will be able to write as good as you did. You did a wonderful job & I really enjoyed reading it and all your other posts as well:-)

Usha said...

so sweet! Double the challenge but doubl;e the joy too.
Looking forward to hearing more of the cute adventures of the duo.

Cloudy Musings said...

That's a really cute and well written post!!

Aparna said...

That's certainly very cute and very funny :)

Thanks for tagging me, I can't do it justice but I'll take it up next week.

Anonymous said...