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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

So Where Have I Been?

-Hosting dinner parties - pics of which are unfortunately in the camera and not reached my laptop yet- don't ask- long story
-Generally being tired, busy, cannot-be-arsed-to-post types
-Battling illness in the home
-Buying new plants for the empty pots after some plants suffered from the excess rain
-Trying hard to declutter
-Busy at work

Speaking of illness, here's an update
The kids have been suffering from chronic cold & cough and the doc has adviced them to take a 3 month course of Lasma-4. A tablet a day keeps the sniffles at bay or atleast at a lower intensity. But if this is low, I wonder what high would be.
Ojas was down with fever yesterday and I was most annoyed because which means he will miss out on the Guindy national park outing that the school had planned. Now I was worried that they will miss out on the concept. Ahem, correction- they will miss out on the fun. Anyway Tejas went and Ojas was most annoyed after he woke up. Since I was in the vicinity at that time, I toyed with the idea of dropping Ojas at the park in the car. But then he said he just wants to pick up Tejas from school. So matter solved.

And offcourse I have my own doctor story-
Since Ojas was having 102 degrees the entire night and the fever refused to come down inspite of paracetamol, I spoke to the doctor and he said come and I will see you first.
I told the receptionist that since Ojas is having high fever, please allow us to go in first. But the paracetamol had taken effect this time and he was his bright and cheerful self commenting on ther kids, discussing who is baby and who is big, looking at the fish. All this while I tried to make him look morose and sick.
Well, the receptionist said 12 patients before you.
I played my ace- But he is having a motion accident everytime he coughs.
Receptionist says- ok 3 patients before you!


Monika,Ansh said...

Ouch abt the illnesses. Hope everyone feels better soon

Timepass said...

Get well soon Ojas.. and do some masti to give ur mamma a new post on her blog

Gayatri said...

- This too shall pass...girlie
- I hate the flu...why?...this is why
- I hate the doc sessions more than ever...the wait is painful :(
- Take good care (((hugs)))

Ramit said...

Get well soon to both the kids!

De clutter? When you're done, please pass on the mantra of it to me too!!!

Prarich said...

Tejas went without Ojas? Babies are big boys now!

itchingtowrite said...

thanks guys!!