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Monday, November 30, 2009

Faultless Logic?

One thing motherhood has taught me is to deal with logic, faultless or otherwise. And persist arguing even though they seem baseless or unconnected

Mamma says to Tejas- Go and ask Dadda, he has got you cartoon CD's
Tejas- you ask Dadda
Mamma- you ask- he is your Dadda naa
Tejas- then why are you there in my home (To tum kyon mere ghar mein aaya.)
Mamma- But he is YOUR Dadda
Tejas- Tab Mera Mamma kaun hai (Then who is my Mamma- who should ultimately ask for the CDs)

Tejas- What are we buying?
Mamma- shirt for Dadda
Tejas- lekin abhi hum pant buy kiyaa naa Dadda ke liye. Fir kyon aur le raha hai.
(I just bought a pant for dadda, why is he buying more)


Monika,Ansh said...

lol......yeah true

R's Mom said...

Sahi Logic :):)

Ramit said...

Promise me your kids will read this when they grow up, and promise us you will click pictures of the expressions on their faces at that time to show us!