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Monday, November 16, 2009

Mamma Dadda's Presents

Even though Dadda paid for it but who cares. The kids believe that Mamma gave them the study table- they must have noticed how Mamma trekked the streets in her high heels, poking her head into every shop large & small and haggling for a better price, looking for style, designs, colours, checking the height of chair, table etc etc. Notice the different designs- selected by Ojas & Tejas.

A Sunday morning is apt to assemble the table. Especially if you have a handy Engineer uncle to help you with it. You first separate the parts into chair & table and then look at the haphazard looking drawing on the pack to assemble. Not an easy cake- what helped us was that we had taken the picture of the display model in the shop at the shopowner's recommendation

Not by design, it turns out that the table Ojas so patiently helped assemble was actually Tejas' so they have been asked to share while Dadda apparently goes out to get some more parts for the table.
They do their pending homework still sharing the single tableUntil Dadda comes back home and we assemble the second one together.


Monika,Ansh said...

Ansh has the same table but unfortunatly does not use it

Praveen said...

A close up pic of the table design will be good to see :D

Ramit said...

Cute! :-)

Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

That was awesome! Loved the pics as it gave us an idea that although Mama did a lot of hard work finding them, Dada and Engineer Uncle worked very very hard too!

Gayatri said...

- nice :D
- hey we were in the look out for one of those :)
- since u have done all the hunting now shoot the details of where u got them and how much they cost;b
- M wanted one that could be adjusted when achu grows taller..can these chars be adjusted?
- Hope these 'trade enquiries ' don't bother u and even if they do....its from one mom to another so 'kindly adjust':b

R's Mom said...

Wow..what lovely tables...feel like going to school again...!

itchingtowrite said...

praveen- next round sure!
swapna- ;D
gayatri- no probs- royapetha opposite damr / Nithya furniture
got it for 1200 each after bargaining
adjustable yes
there will be another design which will cost 1500 which has more attachments like clock and a stand on top- a friend got it from 100 feet road somewhere

dont go to the big shops- they are expensive. go to the small ones.
r's mom- me too. i wanna study table

Devasena Hariharan said...

Lovely Tables, So sweet to see them share a single table.

More sweeter to think that Uncle had actually helped, he hardly touches anything at home :-) (blushingggg....)

Timepass said...

wow..nice let me fight with my parents...

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Excellent gift idea!

The Print Lover said...

In the 2nd pic, it looks like Ojas is making sure dadda and uncle are working properly :)

The pic of them sharing the table is very cute. And one is right-landed and the otehr left-handed - that just makes the mix all the more interesting!

itchingtowrite said...

deva- ;) now get him to work

timepass- LOL!! go on fight
M4- thanks!! pending since last year! great for eating and homework and coloring etc

PL- true!!

babies said... let us fight with our parents...

Shobana said...

Neat! Thats a wonderful gift for the kids. Having a study table somehow makes one feel all grown up, no? I love the vibrant colors!