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Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Long long ago we had worked on Shanghai as a concept for one of our creatives. Little did I know that one day I would find myself walking the same streets of Shanghai (not)!
Because we were mostly driving! Sadly I did not feel the real spirit of Shanghai- no walks, not much haggling & shopping, no sightseeing.
We stayed in Shanghai Sheraton - a hotel with yummy breakfast spreads- I freaked on chocolate based baked stuff and midnight chicken sandwiches that came with a huge not-finish-able bowl of the most sinful potato wedges / french fries

So here's what little we did there...
A little shopping at Pearl market- a closed market with shoes/ garments/ bags in the ground floor, pearl in the 1st floor and electronics & others in the 2nd floor- a huge-ish fake market with lots of bargaining potential. I picked up some sovenier magnets, a coat necessiated by the sudden orange alert- a drop of 10 degree in a day, and a pair of kalaiedoscopes for the kids which they simply love peering into.

This are pics of flower baskets that are mounted on the road sides- I simply loved them.

The next day we were taken to Shanghai Huahai Quanjude Roast Duck - a dynasty style restaurant. Note the traditional attire and the uncomfortable looking shoes with the heels in the centre We had peking duck, fish, caramel apple, and various other meats and non meats. The next day we were taken to xibei- a modern chinese restaurant. This time I was more particular about clicking snaps.
Blueberry Tofu
Cabbage Salad Fish that was so well marinated that the bones were also softened
Tofu again - it came with a sauce made of shallot + soya sauce + vinegar that was majorly yummy
sort of pizza with spinach-ish greens
lamb, beef, pork
dimsum with that yummy mustard plus soya sauce
very very gamey lamb strips Gala finale at Karaoke Bar

The last day was spent airport hopping- Shanghai to Changi. I was down with fever so spent most of the time sleeping, and the balance time shopping aided with paracetamol.

I had to pick up a couple of whiskeys for a colleague and Absolutes for the husband.

They had this roll in the good times promo and I got to roll a coin in the slot machine. To my surprize I got a 50 Sing Dollar voucher which was well spent on a Vogue Sunglasses worth 146 Sing- the cheapest I could find!

Tejas is very J- why didn't you buy a pair for me?

Then I got another go at the roll and got a 5 Sing dollar voucher which I handed over to the lady in Security as I had no time to spend them... Lucky lady.

And offcourse the presentation in the conference was well appreciated!


Monika,Ansh said...

sounds like a nice trip except for the fever.

Andy said...

Well deserved trip!!

Gayatri said...

-Nice :):):)
-Yummy food :b
-Bad u had fever :(
-Yummy Yummy did i mention that before?...well it doesn't hurt does it ;)
- and the presentation went on fine ...good... we almost forgot about that didn't we ;D
ps. thx for the 'details' about the table...this weekend is dedicated to project deskhunt

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Sounds like an awesome trip! The picture of the hotel is really lovely :)

Devasena Hariharan said...

Hi, I kept on wondering so long, that why u didn;t post the snaps.

Look forward to more snaps.

That marinated fish doesn't look appetising.How did peking duck taste.

Itchingtowrite said...

thanks ladies!
deva- the fish was yumm. peking duck also nice

Shobana said...

Did u get teh certificate for the duck??? I believe they give them out as souveniers. Also did u take the kids with you or were you on your own? The husband was saying that you find the most amazingly fresh food there. I can't wait to sink my teeth into one of those dimsums and the accompanying sauce. Looks delish!!!!

amit said...

good photographs..the food looks vry yummy..nice blog..looking forward for more pics..