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Friday, November 20, 2009

Notes from Yesterday

A Long Girls' Day Out
It is so much more fun because a working day was duly bunked and one of us came down specifically from Bangalore- we don't let work or distance get in the way of fun.
The agenda was eat, gossip and have fun
Which called for
1. XL buffet at Residency Towers Main Street- 5 trips each to the buffet atleast! We ate enough to last till today's breakfast but even then we feel we did not do enough justice. We didn't even touch the vegetarian, ate only half the desserts and half the salads and 2 varieties of juice. I strongly feel God should have given the option of external stomach. It's the stomach that is the culprit-the mouth and brain is always ready to take it on.

2. 2012 at Sathyam- can you believe it without popcorns?
The movie seriously freaked me out. But WTF? Africa becomes the safest place to rehabilitate? Someone was predicting India is going to become the most powerful nation? Get your basics right man! Anyway Phoenix I want to join you in the quest for someone to lend that few crores you were talking about. And oh, I do not have a billion dollars, I am a poor swimmer and a poor driver. I do not know how to fly a plane and I run really slowly. What are my chances?

3. Coffee Day at Ispahani- a huge brownie sizzler with ice cream and coffees. The servers did not disturb us- wonder how they guessed we are not the drink eat and rush types?

The only minus point was that I broke my yet another sandal (I am seriously worried- why do I break so many sandals- but AD directed me to a small shop and I got a really stylish jeans material slipper for 100 bucks. Made me seriously rethink this buying of expensive sandals in Metros & Kobblers that break at a single twist of the foot or stumble at the uneven roads.


Moremony services said...

hello ,both twins lok very good ,i like it twins....



Ramit said...

My feelings exactly. There was no Indian left on the world according to 2012. And seriously Cape Town, South Africa? What shit? Hey, we want our Himalayas back you American scoundrels!

Gayatri said...

- gals day out....siiighhhhhh
- good food....sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
- movie...would have preferred a light romantic comedy...since every day is a 2012 day :b
- good coffee is always welcomed
- shoes ...hmmm never ever figured out how to get good shoes...itchy I have this vague feeling we r neighbors hehehehe ..I shop at metro and kobblers too

Monika,Ansh said...

Wow -& u had the brownie sizzler after the huge lunch.... :)

Shobana said...

Sounds like a fun day! And all that food...yum!!!! Don't get me started on Kobblers foot wear. I bought 3 pairs and all of them broke within the first 6months. And the worst part was to take it to the store for repair, since they have some unique designs and a regular cobbler can do justice with the mending. All around expensive. But I guess it is ok for some light use.