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Friday, September 25, 2009

Types of Gift Givers

1. Recyclers- They immediately evaluate a given gift with parameters like- is it of use to me, can I pass it on to someone. The said gift is stored in a separate area for easy acessibility when a gift giving occassion arises
2. The Enthusiast- will go about hunting for a gift very enthusiastically, working out what suits best for the reciever
3. The coudn't be bothered- will buy a gift but will not put too much effort into it. Just pick up the first pretty thing that catches the eye
4. The - meri izzat ka khayal karo- size and value of the gift = status symbol. They have benchmarks in terms of costs that represents their status
5. Revenge- will note down what was given and consult the list and give something of equal worth
6. Repeat gifter- will gift the same thing over and over again- (a friend says her MIL has gifted her the same silver set atleast 3 times- takes it back after gifting it and re gifts on some other occassion)
7. Goods should be returned- will quietly remove the stuff they have given or gifted when the receiver is not in good books (again believe me)
8. Memento seeker- will come to gift something and then palm off something else from the house somehow (believe me it used to happen to a relative)
9. Relic from the past- will pass off old stuff as "special stuff from yesteryears reserved to be given for you"
10. Serial Killer/ Idea Lacker- will give the same gift for atleast 10 people until someother ideal universal gift turns up
11. Customiser- very innovative- just right for you type gifter
12. What I Like- will gift what self likes not what receiver may like


B o o said...

I am No.1 when it comes to gifts for kids. Used to be No.2 but after a birthday party for ashu, Im usually good for one whole year to recycle gifts!! :)
Lot of my friends are No.11. But I guess you ve to be born with that kind of talent. sigh!
Great list, Itchy! You ve outdone yourself! :)

How do we know said...

ha ha ha.. ye sahi compilation hai!!

The Print Lover said...

I start by being #2. But if the receiver does not appreciate the effort, I resort to #1 or #3

Phoenixritu said...

My kids used to be the "What I like" sort - the number of metal music and books they wanted to read I received from them! They are better now thankfully

dipali said...

But it is very difficult to give something that you actually don't like yourself!

Lavanya Sriram said...

I think all of us would follow #1, #2, #3 & #4 based on who the recipient is. I think the receiver should also deserve the #2. However, I follow #2 for children :)

Uma said...

I oscillate between 2 and 3... depending on how well I know the person. Very rarely 1 - when I get a duplicate of a reasonably expensive item. Lot of experience and research seems to have gone into this ;)

Kiran Manral said...

I'm a very bad gift giver with the best intentions and very bad taste...

Poppy said...

LOL! I would be Serial Killer/ Idea Lacker (#10) although sometimes I am (2) :) Lovely post.