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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Life is Unfair

When you are old enough to be able to eat whatever you want to, then you no longer can eat them nor should you be eating them.
Weight management, calorie consciousness, fat free, low sugar.....
And not only that, there are the moral police...
Picture this-

Ojas/ Tejas are about to unwrap their chocolates and Dadda is about to drink from his juice bottle right at dinner time.
Mamma- No body eats anything until they have had dinner- even you Dadda!

Dadda is about to take a swig from a juice bottle in the fridge
Ojas/ Tejas- Dadda, you drinking baby juice? Shall I drink from your juice bottle? (the sugarfree/ sports drink types?)
Dadda sheepishly puts the juice bottle away.


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Too funny...

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