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Monday, September 21, 2009

Spelling Bee

The kids suddenly want to know "iska name kaise hota hai" meaning how do we spell a particular word.
The first spellings they have learnt is their own name (by heart)
They are now learning my name and have suddenly started asking me to spell out anything that catches their fancy.
So my action plan-
1. Play more word games which I talked off earlier- word antakshari types and spell out words
2. Foster rote learning ability by giving them random spellings and either just making them repeat or making them write it out. Despite what people say, I have a strong faith in rote learning. I have been a good rote learner and it definitely gives an edge when you need to quote passages. They also help in aimless tests when you need to fill the pages. You can just mindlessly expectorate whatever you rote learned. It is extremely effortless because the learnt points just unfold once you start writing them out. Well, I digress. So a little repeat learning will not hurt. Sometimes it's fun.
3. Random checks at the end of the day on what we learnt that day


The Print Lover said...

Good going Ojas and Tejas!

Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

Interesting method. Hope Ojas and Tejas enjoy it as they learn.

itchingtowrite said...

ha ha the last they asked how to spell potty

Poppy said...

LOL. But yes I agree with you rote is defi ok for spelling - I personally find phonics tedious!