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Friday, September 04, 2009

A Perfect Friday Morning Would Be

To go on an office directed Cafe Visit with your internet powered laptop and have a chicken panini by the way!
By the way, the venue was

Their cooling, mint infused water!

The most shocking part of the menu-

If you want to eat a single portion dessert- you have to settle for a cookie or a fudge...


The smallest cake is of 4-6 inches height an dseveral inches in the other dimensions.

Anyone willing to share?


Andy - I,me,myself said...

u know i am jus a fone call away

happyfeetnme said...

oooh. large piece for me!!!!

er, can we also swap offices? ;)

How do we know said...

umm.. i cant bear to look at cake for a week yet.. but next time i m in Chennai.. u're on.

IEDig said...

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The Rat... said...

u came to indira nagar again :( bad bad..

and hey they let u click?? each time i take out my cam, they do moral policing there :(

:-) the mint water is refreshing u know

itchingtowrite said...


dipali said...

What fun!