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Monday, September 28, 2009

Courtyard Marriot

Is wonderful.....
AD & I went for yet another delightful lunch there a few weeks ago. We opted for the buffet (what else) and hogged the cold salads with multiple dips (they managed to make even an egg salad taste interesting).
The main course was again an unbelievably delightful range of animals- the mutton was especially yummy.
I could not manage to taste the biriyanis and the vegetarian stuff as I had eaten 2 complete rounds of non-veggie salads (I did not touch the veg salads at all)
The cheese selection was so so but the best was saved till the last.

Warm - gooey- crumbly yumilicious brownie crumble in chocolate sauce. It was heavenly.
I have forgotten what other desserts were there - the brownie oversahdowed everything else but I vaguely remember that the cakes were nice too. I like their way of serving more than anything else- individual planks parallel parked on the table and cakes arranged on the planks.

At Rs 700 per plate- it is totally worth it. And I love the ambience too!! Bright & spacious!


rahul said...

nice compilation.

Anonymous said...

"I did not touch veg salads at all"

leaves me with a deep chuckle:)


Phoenixritu said...

Veg salad is such a wannabe~! Thanks for the suggestion. Tonight its gonna be salad and sandwich for dinner