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Monday, September 07, 2009

The Caterpillar Who Could Not Fly

Since the school is doing animals and insects and creepy crawlies this month, I decided to reinforce what they learn with doing "animal" books and stories at home.
This one I made up as we went when we were eating(not).
The end result was to teach them how caterpillar becomes a butterfly. I also followed it up with this story on kindersite.
So the story goes this way...
A caterpillar was very very hungry so he climbed up on to a tree and sat on a leaf and began nibbling at it. Soon he ate up the part that was joined to the tree and therefore fell off the tree along with the leaf, with a loud thump as he hit the ground (loud!!).

The bird laughed and the butterfly suppressed a giggle. (Don't question the fault in logic- ordinarily the bird would have eaten the caterpillar- Do birds eat caterpillar? Anyway, for the purpose of this story, let us assume the bird was not at all hungry and her birdies had flown the nest so no hungry mouths to feed)
The caterpillar began to sniffle and cry for not being able to fly.
The butterfly felt sorry for the caterpillar and said- if you eat your food and eat all your greens and become healthy, big and strong, you will be able to fly.
Note-at this point I tried to shove food into the kids' mouth so that they can also aspire to fly.
Ojas said I don't want to fly.
Tejas ran around the house flapping his hands saying see I am flying.
To continue, the caterpillar followed the butterfly's advice dilligently and went on eating all the leaves - kutur kutur kutur kutur...
Soon he became big and strong and healthy & fat and after eating so much he felt very very sleepy. So he took out his black blanket called a cocoon and went off to sleep.
After a long while, he woke up and found that someone had torn his blanket. Then he moved his hands to stretch himself and found that his hands had become like wings. Beautiful wings of the colour ...
At this point I asked what colour the wings will be- they answered green and orange- I think because their new umbrellas are green and orange respectively.
So the caterpillar called out to the butterfly and said thanks for asking me to eat. Now I can fly like you.
The butterfly said- not only do you fly like me but you have actually become a very pretty butterfy!

Moral of the story-
1. eat your food if you want to grow strong, healthy and big and be able to fly
2. eat your greens

And oh, after finishing the food, Ojas asks me- yes he had told he does nt want to fly initially-
Mamma.. I am not able to fly. I finished my food na.
Talk about false promises.


R's Mom said...

Heheheheheh! They are so cute :):)

Devasena Hariharan said...

cute story! eating greens reminds me of popeye

Devasena Hariharan said...
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Devasena Hariharan said...
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Uma said...

LOL! Like their reaction to 'food shoving effort'. And it is a lovely story indeed! I'm borrowing it...

itchingtowrite said...

sure Uma
deva/ R- thanks

The Print Lover said...

He does'nt want to fly - LOL!