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Monday, October 08, 2007

Another Chicken Surprise- post no 201

Something to file away like the other chicken experience
Venue- Prime Roaster - yes the same guy who splashed teaser hoardings all over the city punning on various portions of roast chicken without telling that it is chicken they are talking about and not some woman.
With great care, giving due respect to gym and all, ordered 'Bar b q chicken"
Only roast chicken is supposed to be roasted. Fried chicken is fried
So when I ordered Bar b q- I expected that it would be barbecued.
No, It was deep fried
deep fried chicken served to this gym conscious lady and gent.
Can you think of any crime of matching wickedness?
Lesson learnt- never order without checking the preparation method/ ingredients
Just remembered this-
10 years ago in Pondicherry
Seen on a roadside chalk written menu- Off Oil Egg
meaning- half boiled egg


~nm said...

Off oil egg = half boiled egg?? hilarious!!!

lumi said...

*lol* It reminds me of my visit to Pune and seeing ads for Godrej Chicken Chests. What the heck is a chicken chest....then someone told me that they would be an issue if it were advertised as a chicken breast as it is here in the west.