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Friday, October 05, 2007

Another Milestone Finally

Finally the Toothbrush & paste got introduced to Ojas & Tejas yesterday after much trepidation and self preparation for disappointments.
I have finally come to terms with the fact that they are truly double trouble- anything new or different is met with a wail and complete rejection.
Examples- sippy cup, milk in glass rather than bottle ( took all care to choose a good day to make a new beginning- Rakshabandhan day yet it failed), hair cut, slip ons with elastic band to be worn at home entire day and not for a few minutes, thin quilt while sleeping in A/C, toilet on adult seat (my cousin's son always uses that and had never used the child seat even at 1 year 8 months age.
Steps I followed to introduce the toothbrush
1. a month ago gave them toothbrushes to play with.
2. brushed in front of them with exaggerated play acting on few occassions
3. showed them flash cards with toothbrush and brushing action
4. yesterday got 4 toothbrushes- 2 of the same color and same design since there was only blue colored ones with fish design and they love the phiss anywhere and 1 each with football and bus. So that if they happen to agree to select different colours or designs it would be simpler to keep their stuff separate
5. allowed them to select and play with th ebrush entire evening
6. Made them brush Teddy, mummy & themselves in turns.
7. Tried and failed to brush their teeth without paste
8. finally at night, put a drop of paste on the brush and while MIL held Ojas he got a good brush, Accepted after little struggle and managed to take some water and spit out some paste and ingest some.
9. Tejas proved to be impossible. He was literally pinned down in the lap and brushed quickly. He did manage to spit out more efficiently (the water not the paste)

Also had the 1st milk- bottleless night. I gave the water in their bottle so that it is not too sudden and gave them identical teddy bears to get over bottle fixation/ possesiveness if any.

Only by morning I gave them their milk bottle to prevent them from waking up after their restless bottleless night and thwarting all my plans of getting ready for office.


Usha said...

Oh god, those little babies are already on their way to becoming little boys?
:) lovely.

DotMom said...

ah the morning wars have started :)
how did they do w/o bottle? That's a BIG milestone..

Shobana said...

Nice technique...all that pain staking prep and then ultimately pinning them down to brush their teeth..LOL. Good post.


Itchingtowrite said...

ojas is ok without the bottle Tejas sucked on water in the bottle for 3 nites. yetserday i took away that too...

lumi said...

Sometimes you have to experiment with different flavored toothpastes to get them to brush. Some toothpastes have too harsh a flavor for the little ones.