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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Going to Travel

This December, I would be going to Patna for a break. Will be flying to Calcutta and take the train to Patna.
I am pretty excited about taking the kids via train. This would be their first train journey. Very nervous about how they will take to the confinement.
Blog Pals! Could you please give me some ideas on what food should I take for the kids?
This will be overnight travel and I need to be equipped with filling food for one dinner and evening snacks.


SUR NOTES said...

first time here... the kids will love train travels- but will you survive? the nice thing is that everyone will willingly help out.

and food- cheese slices, fruits, curd rice/alu parathas, idlis, anything that they like and is not messy. problem is they are curious about all the train food and everything is too spicy on the train. my girl wants to eat 'new' food but when she is not able to gets into a foul mood.

Minka said...

wow ! enjoy ! I am sure they will love the train journey. My suggestions for snacks would be biscuits, juices ( maybe try aavin flavoured milk if you want some milk in. But check if it may be too heavy for them ) and of course, their fav gems !!! For food, aloo parathas should remain soft in aluminium foil. or if they like sweets try pooran poli made of chana dal and gud stuffing. curd rice tends to sour but my MIL cooks rice in some milk and water and then mixes just a lil curd so that it's perfect when it's ready to be eaten. you can try it befrore you travel. And of course , loads of bookch with phich in it ;-)

Rohini said...

Here's stuff that has worked for me:

Meal: Paranthas, Khichdi, or at a pinch even Nestum mixed with water/ milk

Snacks: Dry fruits (figs, apricots, cashews, raisins), biscuits

Avoid juices and very sugary stuff - it tends to give them a sugar high and makes them hyperactive and boisterous!

Fuzzylogic said...

Everyone have already given pretty good suggestions. String cheese and cheese slices along with cut up fruits in zipper bags are always good for snacks.Dates,energy bars and yogurt if you have a cool pack.
As for meals parathas,rice and even peanut butter jelly sandwitch stored in airtight containers or ziplock bags work well. I'm with Rohini about the juice and sugary stuff. Just look for foods that are as fresh and unprocessed as possible.

I'm sure you all will have a memorable trip and the twins will enjoy the train ride. Have a good trip!

Shobana said...

Lots of small meals for the kids.

Apple slices with peanut butter
Carrot sticks with salad dressing of choice.
Cheese sticks/cubes
Simple sanwiches (cucumber and butter sand) with milk
Aloo or other stuffed parathas.
Idli fingers with ketchup/jam.
Chappathi rolls with fav stuffing.
Nuts and dried fruits with milk.
Even the train bread nd omellete is ok.
Plenty of liquids (water,tender coconut, butter milk) to keep hydrated.
No juice if possible.

Good luck and hope they enjoy.

Itchingtowrite said...

wow!! lot of ideas to choose from /thanks so much. will have to practice with them this month so that they get used to such food.

~nm said...

I know a lot of advices/suggestions have already poured in your way but I just can't resist giving my 2 cents too :P

You should carry anything thats non messy. Like parantha, sandwich, cheela, cheese slice/cube, fruits (banana/apple), cheese lings, cookies/biscuits, boiled eggs (if they eat that). These are the ones that came to my mind right now.

But if you are going to be traveling in the train mostly at night time, trust me they would be so excited that they won't be hungry and wouldn't want to eat much.

And I'm sure the journey will go much easier than you would have ever imagined :)