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Monday, November 01, 2010

Happy 5th

The first time in 5 years I have not been ready with a b'day post in advance. And here I type a quick wish to my babies in the midst of planning their b'day party- what else but a Ben 10 theme party.
As the day is going by, we have already cut a home made cake, distributed chocolates in school and received lots of gifts. Ben 10 toys, tiffin boxes, water bottles, crayons, color books and quite a few dresses to begin with.
The kids have been marking down one day at a time on the calendar put up for this very purpose. They have been heavily involved in the preparatory work- preparing games, looking at return gifts and looking forward to distributing them. They have decided to keep everything a secret because it is all a surprise for their friends.
They are eagerly looking forward to the Ben 10 cake and blow as many candles as possible.
Well, the last one year has been eventful. The kids are the senior-most in their school, are getting ready to leave this one and move on to the big school. To my delight, they are reading well, though they still look at me to read a story for them, they are even able to solve jigsaws with minimal assistance from us. They have showed an inclination to learn board games, but not yet really focused on it. They have become a big bhaiya to their cousin Donut and they are quite cutely holding the baby in the lap, feeding the bottle to him and gently playing with him, taking him around in the pram and trying to make him laugh.
They have gone on their first holidays and are quite taken in by the hotel and the bubble bath particularly.
Their affinity towards animals is quite strong and I am glad they cherish and love nature.
Their swimming has improved- judging by the stars they get for swimming but they are yet to learn to finish their snack box completely.
And as I look at Baby Donut, I realize that one day Ojas and Tejas were also so small and dependent just 5 years ago, there were endless dirty nappies and feeds and I was so looking forward to them growing up just so much that they can talk to me, read with me and share their experiences with me.
And now, I savour each moment, wishing that time would fly just a little slowly, just a little bit...
Happy Birthday my Darling Babies


AA_Mom said...

Congrats for reaching a big milestone proud Mamma!

A very happy birthday to the bigger independent stronger boys!

Sandhya said...

Happy Birthday Ojas and Tejas!!

R's Mom said...

Happy Happy birthday you guys!!!! wishing you so much in life :) and to having more Ben 10 parties :)

DC said...

Happy Birthday to Ojas and Tejas.
Wish you very good health and happiness.

artnavy said...

First time we will be missing this...all the best to the boys!!

Gayatri said...

- Awwwwww! Hugs to u mom :)
- Happy Birthday Ojas and Tejas :D
- Have a Ben 10 blast ;)
- Waiting for the blog....

Devasena Hariharan said...


Happy Birthday to Ojas and Tejas!

I thought u will be busy today, surprised to see ur post..

Itchingtowrite said...

Thanks ladies!!

Mama - Mia said...

belated happy happy to the coolest twins around! :)

may this year be filled with all the fun in the world and then some more!