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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Brotherly Support System

I was putting a dressing for another of Ojas' multiple wounds. Tejas gave a helping hand resulting in Ojas throwing a tantrum-
Only Mamma had to do ........bwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Tejas in a conciliatory tone- dekho, humko bhi choti laga hai. to kaun band aid lagaega? Tum hi na lagayega? (I have also got hurt. So who will put a band aid for me? you only will put )
Ojas proceeds to put a bandage on Tejas' non existent bruise and they sleep happily for that night atleast!


R's Mom said...

Aww!!! thats so so sweet..kala tikka to that :)

Kookaburra said...

I always keep reading your blogs, me being another mother of twins - a girl and a boy! The boy has become such a naughty one, I always wonder how people with two boys could have managed!
In our case our boy is the one who is explicitly emotional, always dotes after his sister, competes with her, beats her up, and cares oodles about her. One moment he has grabbed her hair violently and snatched the tooth brush off her hand (after throwing his brush!) and she is screaming miserably and two seconds later he comes running to kitchen and says "Divya come, Pratyush is there" and holds her so affectionately and walks her to the balcony to wave at our neighbour and they are giggling there! And I feel so insane because I havent yet finished scolding him and consoling Divya yet and scene has changed already!!! :)
One moment I am feeling all sentimental about their affection and another moment preventing them from murdering each other! Divya is not that aggressive, still has to fight back I suppose - I cant imagine what would happen with two boys!

Itchingtowrite said...

thanks R
k- the twins sound so fun and cute!!and of course the fights!! dont get me started on that!! it exhausts me just thining abt the crazy fights!

prassanna said...

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