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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Being Mother of Boys

Means to be prepared with facing daily cuts, nicks, hurt, falls, burns, wounds and all without wincing or flinching or crying.
From a mother of 9 month old twins who cried buckets when her baby fell off the bed (seriously, and that seems to be like something so minor especially when Tejas had the presence of mind to raise his head as he fell!) I have learnt to tackle a nose bleeding without dialling the doctor!
So Ojas, my poor baby has scored so many badges of honour within a short span of 2 months.
The boy who almost always prefers to ride pillion with Tejas on the cycle got his leg inside the spokes of the cycle during our Kodaikanal trip in October and ended up with a wound that is still not gone. Moral of the story- Let Ojas ride cycle with Tejas not his Dad.

Closer home, right before his birthday, he stumbled on a wayward stool and landed bump on his head earning a huge ball shaped swelling that lasted until the birthday.

And as his wound and bump was on the road to healing, he burnt himself. The Steam inhaler threw a jet of hot water straight on his chest and he has a huge eight shaped burn scar. A week of dressing and the wound has healed but the scar remains. He carries it like a badge of honour. But the brave boy that he is, the moment he came back from the hospital, he rushed out to play.
But his take home from the entire incident is - Mamma why did you cry when I got hurt? And he doesn't hesitate to relate this to all and sundry.
Ultimately he ended up stumbling and getting a huge rectangle wound on his legs.

Yesterday he was running- running as usual in the complex play area. A boy's foot came in the way and he fell face flat down. He came home crying and holding his nose. The nose was red and bruised reddish and his nosie came all bloody...

Sigh......I might just start greying now...
And well, while we are on the subject of hurts and wounds, all Mamma of 5 year olds- did you do the DPT, OPV booster shots?
We did last week- Tejas gave a few mighty kicks to the doctor and hit me too, Ojas cried and cried both for Tejas and himself and well, they did get icecreams at the end of it all so all is well even though both of them keep showing everyone the spot where the needle had pricked and use it as an excuse if they do not want to get up and fetch stuff for themselves .


R's Mom said...

Awww! Hope he is doing all well now..and LOL on the mark showing hehehe :)

Phoenixritu said...

Boys sigh! Mine had 5 fractures in the first 3 years of his life. Drove me nuts

Gayatri said...

- Sighhhh!
- So is Tejas a bit more careful or is there a separate blog on that :(
- I soooooo relate to u on this one itchy...for the rest of our lives I guess :D
- Let's just hope we get better at dealing with it rather than hoping the impossible :b
- Boys jus get called by a different name 'men' when they biologically grow up..that ends right there :D

Itchingtowrite said...

Thanks Ladies
@ gayatri- arre I guess it is just the kind of person you are- no matter what, I always dash against a particular door knob or always get my dress stuck in one particular point.. so I guess it is the same with Ojas- he is prone to stumbling and falling all the while!

Minka said...

OOH boy !! I may have gone completely batty with the red nose. But when it comes to teeth , I handle it like a pro. D has two upper teeth missing from two different incidents ( both involving dancing on top of furniture and yes, mommy barely 3 feet away ).

The Inquisitive Akka said...

Wow!!!A preview of things to come!!!And I find N tough to handle already :)

Devasena Hariharan said...

Throw of that steam inhaler. sounds scary. Also take Aryaman to the doctor. WHen did this happen. Do an Xray, I'm getting worried..

Dont leave nose bleed carelessly.