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Tuesday, November 02, 2010


I rub my hands in glee. Finally got a little time on hand and hands on the comp and a few pics downloaded. Good enough to do a phot post depicting the year since last b'day that was as far as Ojas & Tejas are concerned.

Over the last year, I can sense a regularity in their "religiousness"- they do their bell ringing quite religiously in the morning. And even sing some slokas learned in their music class

Stage performance- they are quite a pro- contrary to my expectations
Making B'day cards- ideating the theme depending upon the interests- flower pots for MammaAh, well, this is their own interest- the Mickey!Falling in love with Kababs like their parents
And Learning table manners
Enjoying hotel stays because of the Bubble bath- the key enjoyment in hotelsCompetitive spirit- participating in games and challengesUnderstanding the concept of Rakhitheir first toy train ride
During the Friendship carnivalAnimal Love!
Ojas' first Horse Ride
Uff- the costume craze begins- Ben 10, Spider Man, what nots


DC said...

what a nice picture post. loved going through it.
the spiderman photo is the best. for a second, I thought they were paintings on the wall :-D

Devasena Hariharan said...

suddenly they are looking little big and identical..

see the toy train, second raki and animal love pics, both are looking the same

Gayatri said...

- Lovely picks of pics :)
- God Bless