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Monday, November 22, 2010


AD gifted the kids the game Twister last year. We tried hard to play but the kids would not show much interest. This time someone else gifted the same game and this perhaps refreshed their memory.
Because, suddenly yesterday, Tejas said- I want to play that hands and legs game.
We got the box out, set the dial... and began playing together
and individually
Doing easy and tough twists that resulted in falling

and rolling all over the place.
Mamma is just happy that they can manage this game on their own- taking turns to call out 4 hands & leg positions.


Rohini said...

We got this too. The dial was broken in two days and the mat is since used to protect the floor during art & craft activities :)

Gayatri said...

- hey that looks like a fun game :D
- 'to buy' list updated :)

starry eyed said...

We got this for Dhruv's bday too...and opened it yesterday so same pinch :) There was much screaming and laughing and I almost pulled some muscles! IMO, taller people like the husband have unfair advantages in this !!

Itchingtowrite said...

Ha ha Ro!! Dial is dispensable
u can just call out teh most twisting combos