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Friday, October 29, 2010

I Always Thought My Kids Embarrass Me in Crowds

They find small excuses to cry or fret or complain everytime I am busy in a crowded party.
But on hindsight, I realize they do it only when I am one of the organizers and they feel neglected. They check on me from time to time so they seem to be the only ones coming in the way of my work.
The last party was an eye opener.
1. While most of the other kids were screaming, jostling and clamouring to be first - my kids were politely saying- me ? me? Not even once insisting "Me first - Me first".
2. While most of the other kids were crowding around the toy basket and snatching and collecting many toys for themselves, my kids were asking or at the most crying to me saying which toy they wanted- and they would settle for just 1 toy.
3. And when Tejas got a prize - a bag of toffees, all kids snatched the toffees while Tejas was content sucking his earlier prize of a lollipop and Ojas was simply annoyed that why others were snatching Tejas' toy and pushing him. Even then he did not go to snatch the toffees. Only expressed his annoyance to me.
4. While most of the kids surround the hosts with- where is my return gift where is my return gift, my kids ask me and me alone for the return gift. Never once "assaulting" the host with questions.
5. Second helpings? More juice? Another ice cream? Only if I permit or someone directly asks them. They never walk up to the host and demand.
6. And, they never go uninvited anywhere.

Well, I convince myself- as long as their tantrums are with me only, I am ready to bear it even in public. But I don't want them to trouble others or push and jostle and snatch....


R's Mom said...

Wow..they really are good kiddos arent should be proud...:):)

Dale kids birthday entertainer said...

Just came across your website. All kids embarrass their parents. Just a fact of life..:)

Manoj Kumar Soyal said...

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IdeaSmith said...

Smug momma of twins? :-) I would be too if Ojas and Tejas were my boys.

Itchingtowrite said...